Fenugreek-Health Benefits-Cure Disease


Dear Readers, Fenugreek is a leafy vegetable with excellent medicinal properties. It is very helpful to keep the body healthy and fit and it nature boon to mankind. It cures anaemia, lactation and pregnancy, digestive problems and … [Continue reading]

Love Beetroot-Health Benefits and Nutrition

Soft Skin

Dear Readers, Is beetroot more than any cosmetic and medicine for skin and health problems? Is it Cure Cancer, skin disorders, anaemia, digestive problems, constipation and piles, circulatory disorders, kidney and gall bladder disorders and dandruff? … [Continue reading]

Help the Child to Develop Strong Eyes-Two Months to Five Years

Two to Four Months Child

Dear Readers, When the child is around fourteen weeks, the eyes begin to converge, enabling the child to understand and judge the various objects distance from it, to determine which object is closer. The child tries to move hands and legs to reach … [Continue reading]

How to Help the Child to Develop Strong Eyes

Child Birth to Two months

Dear Readers, Parents can help the child to develop strong eyes and healthy vision. The development of the child eyes starts right at conception and continues at the child birth and attains at the child age is six years old. Intelligent care is … [Continue reading]

Classy to Cute: Chinese-Bun Hairstyle-Japanese-Bun Hairstyle-Two-in one Roll Hairstyle

Chinese-Bun Hairstyle

Dear Readers, Use gel to set hair before any hairstyle if require. There are two types of gel wet and body gel. After application of gel don’t comb if you want to get wet look. Combing helps to give extra body to the hair. On short hair gels work … [Continue reading]

Classy to Cute: Different Hairstyles-Low-bun Hairstyle and In-bun Hairstyle

Low-Bun Hairstyles

Dear Readers, Various hair styles are made for parties, marriages, modelling and ring ceremonies etc. Different hair style increases the beauty and looks. How to take hair care for hairstyles? Let’s Learn In-bun hairstyle and Low-bun hairstyle. There … [Continue reading]

Colourful Mehandi in Different Colors Henna Designs

Jardosi Henna

Dear Readers, There are different color shades in mehandi (Henna) which we can apply on hands to give different and beautiful look. It also provides cool to body in hot climate. Henna is readily available in market with different brand names. Nails … [Continue reading]

How to do Acupressure and Magnet Therapy for Vision Improvement

Magnet Therapy 2

Dear Readers, The new mode of treatment is magnet therapy which uses therapeutic magnet to influence body processes and various organs suitably. Researchers observed that eye treatment with the help of weak magnets for about 25 minutes every day … [Continue reading]

How to Start a Successful Blog-Earn Money Online

How to Start Blog

Dear Readers, Starting your own blog doesn’t have to be so expensive. These days so many people have blogs and earning online by sitting at home or through office. Be your own boss and earn $$$$. Start a blog with the topic you are passionate about … [Continue reading]