How to do Acupressure and Magnet Therapy for Vision Improvement

Magnet Therapy 2

Dear Readers, The new mode of treatment is magnet therapy which uses therapeutic magnet to influence body processes and various organs suitably. Researchers observed that eye treatment with the help of weak magnets for about 25 minutes every day … [Continue reading]

How to Start a Successful Blog-Earn Money Online

How to Start Blog

Dear Readers, Starting your own blog doesn’t have to be so expensive. These days so many people have blogs and earning online by sitting at home or through office. Be your own boss and earn $$$$. Start a blog with the topic you are passionate about … [Continue reading]

Hair Color Highlights and Global Color

Brunette-Highlights Color

Dear Readers, Coloring complete hair is called global color. Global color is done for grey hair and for darkening or lightening the natural color of the hair. Need to chose global color matching color of the hair and skin tone. Developer 20/30 … [Continue reading]

How to Rest the Eyes? Healthy Eyes Tips

Distant Objects

Dear Readers, Do you care about your eyes? Excessive use of eyes and inadequate rest is main cause of visual problems. Very less people care about eyes and they know how to rest the eyes effectively. To get relief and relaxation to eyes follow the … [Continue reading]