How to do Acupressure and Magnet Therapy for Vision Improvement


Dear Readers, The new mode of treatment is magnet therapy which uses therapeutic magnet to influence body processes and various organs suitably. Researchers observed that eye treatment with the help of weak magnets for about 25 minutes every day result in eye sight improvement and prevent eye sight disorders.

Magnet Therapy 2
Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy

In the eye treatment the cooling and degeneration retarding waves of the south seeking magnet pole are utilised. The south magnet pole produces the following effects.

  • With the help of its cooling properties it relieves eye-pain and eye-strain which helps to refresh the eyes. This effects results in controlling and preventing the visual errors and imbalances of the muscles.
  • It is helpful to inhibit the activity of various micro-organisms mainly bacteria to enter the eye.
  • This controls and prevents the eye infections, especially conjunctiva.
  • Degenerative processes which occurs in the eye gets slow down. This is also helpful in preventing the disorders of the old age eyes like cataract.

Magnet treatment is safe and no side-effects.

Accupressure Points
Accupressure Points


Acupressure is an ancient treatment in which on the surface of the body (skin) specific points are pressed to influence internal related organs of the body. This method of acupressure is popular around the world. In oriental countries it is an official mode of treatment and recognised by the world health organisation (W.H.O) as an therapy of authentic.

Does anyone know how acupressure works? It is still an unresolved mystery, but neuro-humoral theories mechanisms propounded by researchers.

In China noted, acupressure is useful to prevent myopia, a natural consequence of prolonged and near point work. Chinese researchers have claimed the myopia reduced upto one dioptre, by treating only with acupressure. Regular use of acupressure controls visual defects like eye strain, headaches and watering of eyes.


Acupressure Points to Control Visual Defects

Each of the points should be pressed with the help of finger tips firmly for one minute twice in a day. On the orbital cavities (bony sockets in which the eye balls are located) give circular massage gently is very helpful for eyes health.

Magnet therapy and acupressure should be followed as other modes of treatment like training for vision exercises to prevent visual defects and eye disorders.

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    Hi Sazia ,
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