AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-1


Dear Readers, Today Let’s discuss about AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-1, Causes of AIDS (HIV), Symptoms of AIDS (HIV) and AIDS (HIV) Treatment.

Many of us definitely have heard about it but not many fully aware of its severity. It is necessary to have knowledge and awareness about these dangerous and deadly diseases.

AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-1
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AIDS full form is Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome. India is in second place in the world with AIDS (HIV) affected persons. South Africa has the largest numbers in the world AIDS (HIV) affected victims.

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AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention

The moment AIDS germs enter human body then immediately human body’s natural resistance capacity gets destroyed which fight against diseases. Due to this deadly disease crores of people lost their lives. AIDS and Hepatitis are serious diseases spreading all over the world.

AIDS (HIV) affect both males and females. Women are affected in large numbers than men. If a healthy woman has a sexual relationship with an AIDS affected male (husband) with precautions then she may not be affected but if husband has this disease, his continuous physical and sexual relationship without any precautions can affect her also.

Once a person affected by AIDS (HIV) he becomes a victim of number of other diseases like Cancer, TB, pneumonia, etc. Due to AIDS white blood cells drastically reduced to such extent that other diseases rise which creates such a situation that cure becomes impossible and the AIDS patient faces certain death.

AIDS symptoms may be present in the body but they are not visible. So an AIDS affected person may transmit AIDS (HIV) virus to other individuals. Transmitted AIDS virus takes 6 to 10 years time to completely affect its victim.

Such person looks hale and hearty even though they already affected by the AIDS virus which started growing inside them. AIDS (HIV) detected in 1981 and in India it is heard in 1986.

90%  of AIDS victims are age group from 18 to 40 years old. Mumbai was called as AIDS capital of India. In the States of Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra Punjab and Goa AIDS has spread like wild fire.

It is necessary all should be aware that internal discharges, blood, saliva, sperm, etc carries this virus which can get transmit to healthy person. An open wound, mucus and cut, through these AIDS virus can get transmit to the other persons.

Causes of AIDS (HIV)

Infected injections, oral sexes, homosexuality, prostitution, pollution, deficiency of vital nutrients, intoxicants, TB, diabetes, hemophilic, atmospheric pollution and other diseases cause to reduce immunity levels, increases the risk of being affected by AIDS.

AIDS (HIV) can get affect by strongly kissing an AIDS victim. Mother can pass this disease to her offspring as AIDS is very strong virus. Till now no one know the exact causes of this killer disease.

Symptoms of AIDS (HIV)

Body dries up when AIDS get affect.

AIDS affected person suffers from skin infections and head (scalp) infections.

AIDS affected person can be affected by phenomena.

Weight looses drastically when AIDS affects.

Joints, palms and limbs swellings may occur.

Gets affects by cough.

Hair lose problem occur when AIDS get affect.

AIDS (HIV) Treatment

AIDS is not a curable disease till date. It is hope that in future affective cure will be found. The severity of AIDS can be reduced with help of some fruits and vegetables. Use of Kuker Betaci family of fruits and vegetables can reduce the ill affect of this disease.

So, these were the tips on AIDS-HIV & Hepatitis Disease Prevention and Remedies-1. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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