Aids to Healthy Vision


Dear Readers, When we see, in our mind there are certain imprints etched. These are usually associated with human memories and this result in these prints gets effect by our interpretation. This factor leads to disorders of vision, for example a Bedouin naturally can see the object which is in more distant better than others. By practice and as a habit, his mind gets used to judge the object in more distant.

Healthy Vision
Healthy Vision

Our perception is associated with different ways of seeing the object according to its distance. Take number 8 or a letter S our mind is not wholly conscious about the difference of the upper and lower parts size till we invert them.

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS                                    888888888888888

Healthy Vision

True perception is images influenced from the memory and it is upon the mind to recall an impression. The visual image should be clearer and more detailed to make the mental impression stronger which will be easy to remember. Before we are conscious of what we see it is important to visualise the image. It prevents over exposure and irritation of the retina either by closing eye lids or simultaneously and immediately visualising the picture.

Maximum time our eyes are open and whatever in the area of vision is mechanically projected onto the retina, but our visual perceptions which is made by the nerve-end stimulation do not excite attention on the retina, this absent because of the day dreaming or mindedness, or having a vacant stare. A well coordinated action between the eye and mind is essential. The eye cannot interpret the image without the mind, and the mind without the eye will be only able to recall the past image, but not at present what you are seeing.

Beautiful and Healthy Eyes
Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

Eyes and Mind Coordination

It is better to stop thinking and close the eyes instead of letting images focused on your retina which waste eyes energy. By gesture whatever we may judge by intonation or gesture of voice, only the eyes will be able to convey the self-expression on the face of a person.

The backward child problem results from between the eyes and mind untrained coordination, and he/she needs guidance to be aware of what he is seeing. With the capacity of thought power macular development appears to be coincident.

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    Hi Sazia, I was interested to read about the connection between the eye and the mind, and in particular how it sometimes does not connect and some children have to be taught to channel this.

    Enjoy the journey!

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