Method of Applying Mehandi Design (Henna)


Dear Readers, Mehandi (henna)is beauty cosmetic it increases the beauty of hands and hair. Mehandi is essential for any suspicious or good occasion for the fair sex. It is useful as hairstyle, beauty treatment and make-up.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs
Beautiful Mehndi Designs

Mehandi (Henna) Applying Method

Dry the mehandi leaves and make powder or take readymade mehandi powder from market. Filter the mehandi powder with help of fine muslin cloth. Add 10 drops eucalyptus oil in the lemon juice. Add mehandi powder in it and mix well. Leave on for 2 hours and make thick fine paste.

Method 2:- Mix water in tamarind and tea leaves and boil it for 5 minutes. Filter it and mix mehandi powder to make thick paste and soak for 2 hours.

To apply this paste use plastic cone or thin stick. For application of mehandi, sandalwood stick, plastic sticks and ivory sticks available in the market.

Take lemon juice and mix sugar in it. After half an hour of applying mehandi, take this mixture and apply on hands on mehandi design with the help of cotton very carefully.

Leave on for 4 hours to dry and remove it. Don’t wash hands for 2 hours this would help mehandi darken the color. Apply mutard oil on hands or heat the clove powder on pan and warm up the hands in the smoke.

Beautiful Hair
Beautiful Hair

How to prepare Menadi for Hair

Henna is transparent dye and it provides nourishment to the hair. it makes the hair shiny in addition to a red rich color. When the hair is seen is direct sunlight it will just have reddish sheen. Few people apply mehandi to cover grey hair. Black mehandi is readily available in the market to make the hair color black naturally.

Take one lime juice and tea decoction. Add mehandi powder in it and soak for 2 hours. Comb the hair and make thin strands to apply mehandi in all strands one by one. Leave on for 2 hours till it gets dry and wash off with normal water.

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