Benefits of Lemon


Dear Readers, Let’s learn the benefits and some awesome home remedies of Lemon for number of different diseases. Lemon grows all over the world. Lemons are green in color. It becomes yellow when it is matured. Lemon is universally favorite and must in kitchen. We can make different types of food items with lemon like Lemon Cake, Lemon Pie, lemon juice, lemon tea, lemon water and lemon cookies etc.

Benefits of Lemon
Benefits of Lemon

Qualities in Lemon

The ayurveda has regarded lemon as a very useful fruit and admired its properties. Lemon is sour in taste. Its Light, warm, good for vision, promoter of gastric fire and astringent. Its checks bile and works as a mouth cleanser. It dislodges phlegm (cough).

Lime removes constipation and helpful in digestion. It expels wind from digestive tract. It prevents throat trouble, vomiting, acidity and rheumatism. It is helpful to destroy intestinal worms. Lemon leaves off alkaline residues in the body and acidic to the taste. So lemon is beneficial in all symptoms of acidosis.

Lemon has powerful antibacterial properties. It has been proved by expriments that the bacteria of cholera, diphteria, maleria, typhoid and other deadly diseases are destroyed in lemon juice. Lemon contain vitamin A, vitamin P and vitamin C. Lemon contains niacin and thiamin in small amounts.

Concentrated lemon juice is injurious to the enamel of teeth. it should be diluted with water before taking it. Lemon juice with cold water and honey take early morning on empty stomach to cleanse the body. It is also useful to reduce weight.

Need to take Lemon with warm water and honey to get relieved of constipation. Lemon is useful for mouth alcer and also useful to cool our body. After eating chicken biryani or mutton biryani need to take lemon juice to avoid stomach problems.

Benefits – Home remedies of Lemon

Lemon prevent from cold, malaria and influenza. Lemon juice gives relief from fever. If it is mixed in water useful for quenching the thirst and also useful for diabetes. It is useful to get rid of abdominal disorders. Lemon act as a sedative for heart and nerves.

Vitamin P in lemon strenthens the blood vessels. It is useful in high blood pressure. Lemon contains 7.2 percent of citric acid which is very valuable ingredients. Lemon is beneficial to heart as it is contain more potassium than apple or grapes.

Lemon is beneficial for teeth and bones. It helps in calcium metabolism. Lemon is useful for kidney and bladder disorders. It helps to cure hepatitis and other number of diseases. Lemon has been blessing to mountaineers.

In case of difficulty in breathing due to insufficient of oxygen lemon comes to their rescue. Edmund Hillary, the first man to put his foot on the top of Mt. everest, has admitted that due to lemon he achieved victory over Mt. everst.

So, these were the tips on Benefits of Lemon. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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