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Dear Readers, Haircuts add beauty to the human personality. When to go for haircut? Every 6-8 weeks need to trim chin length hair. Those who don’t have the time to style and don’t like frequent haircuts for them this the best style. every after 6 weeks medium hair has to be cut. Women who likes long hair for them this is suitable haircuts. Need to condition the hair every week.

Every after 4 weeks short hair with steps should be trimmed. Women who don’t like any fussy style and don’t mind frequent trims for them this hair style is suitable. Haircuts can be done in two ways:

Cute Short Haircuts
Cute Short Haircuts


1.Horizontal Style: Straight-cut, ‘U’ Shape cut, Blunt cut, ‘V’ Shape cut, Sharp blunt cut

2.Vertical: Boy-cut, Step cut

Haircuts Kit

  • For hair cutting sharp scissors
  • Apron for haircuts
  • Tail comb
  • Clips for setting
  • Water spray bottle
  • Half brush with round shape
  • Soft brush
  • Paddle brush
  • Hair dryer

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Caring Steps For Hair
Caring Steps For Hair

Caring Steps while cutting hair

  • Before haircuts hair must be washed freshly.
  • Remove all the knots carefully with love and wet all the hair with the spray bottle.
  • In thin strands part the hair according to the hair growth, thickness and pin them up.
  • After parting the lowest part, according to the required shape cut off the hair.
  • Now lower the pin-ups and cut the hair one by one according to the previously-set guidelines.
  • The hair looks shorter when it gets dry so cut the hair little lesser than the client has suggested.
  • Blows dry the hair after cutting to give it a final look.
  • For straight hair horizontal haircuts looks more decent while vertical haircuts looks better for wavy and curly hair.
Pin-up Haircuts
Pin-up Haircuts

Pin-up Haircuts

Part the hair at first from the middle ear to ear and pin-up the partings. Below the crown area take some hair in round and pin it up. As per the hair growth make more partings of the hair and pin-up them.

Haircuts style

  • Straight haircuts
  • Step haircuts
  • Round shape haircuts
  • ‘U’ shape haircut
  • Deep ‘U’ shape or ‘V’ shape haircuts
  • Blunt haircuts
  • Layer haircuts
  • Sharp blunt haircut
  • Boy haircuts
  • Feather shape haircuts
  • Baby-cut
  • Mushroom blunt haircut
  • Pot shape haircuts
  • Innovative hair cuts
Haircuts Techniques
Haircuts Techniques

Haircuts Techniques

  • Flying
  • Notching
  • Point cutting
  • Slicing
  • Zig-zag cutting
  • Thinning
  • Texturising
Haircuts Degrees
  • Straight cut ‘0’ degree
  • Round shape cut ‘10’ degree
  • ‘U’ shape cut ‘15 to 30’ degree
  • Deep ‘V’ shape cut ‘25 to 35’ degree
  • Sharp blunt cut ‘-30’ degree
  • Blunt cut ‘-20’ degree
  • Step cut ’40 to 90’ degree

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