Best Vision Basics


Dear Readers, Eyes outer parts are protected by the eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids. A line of short hair growing on the bony ridge which is covered with a thick skin fold is known as eyebrows. It is helpful to soak moisture and works like a shield the eyes from sunlight and protect from blows.

Best Vision Basics
Best Vision Basics

The eyelids are two folds of skin and tissues to protect the eyes, with the help of muscles it can be closed. It is helpful to protect the eye balls from injury or excessive light. When we blink eyes they form tears, which is a film of antiseptic over the eyes.

Fringe of stiff hairs which producing from the eye lids. It is helpful to brush away particles and protect eyes from it is known as eyelashes. For normal vision certain fundamentals are essential which is flashing, shifting and blinking.

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Blinking Eyes for Good Vision Health
Blinking Eyes for Good Vision Health

Blinking Eyes for Good Vision Health

  • It is easy, light and quick closing and opening of eyes, intermittently done by every normal eye.
  • Blinking rate is varies from one person to another and also varies of the blinking purpose.
  • When a person sees softness in colour or anything which is extra ordinary then they blink the eyes more.
  • Need to keep the eyes moist, blinking helps the glands of lachrymal which produce fluid to wash down to keep the eyeball moist.
  • This fluid has cleansing and antiseptic quality in it.
  • Cornea has no blood vessels so it requires this fluid to keep the eyes moist, Or else dryness in eyes results in corneal ulcers.
  • When foreign particles enter into the eyes then the lachrymal fluids is helpful to wash them out of the eyes. In such cases blinking releases more fluid.
  • To keep eyes warm in winter season keep on blinking continuously for 2 minutes.
  • During dry or stormy weather blinking protects the eyes from weather so is better to do blinking exercise regularly.
  • Between blinks the pupil muscles relax momentarily from tension.
  • Blinking exercises the recti muscles, which is very essential for their well-being.
  • Blinking is also helpful in lymphatic fluid circulation around the eye. These provide strength to the eyes.
  • Blinking acts as a shutter to prevent light rays entering the eyes and prevent over exposure.
  • Insufficient shutting and blinking of the eyes is the main eyes strain cause and other disorders.
  • The eyes should blink unconsciously and freely.
  • During tension or nervous the eye lids remain open for long time without blinking, instead of in easy relaxation closing, thus result in eye-strain.
  • Staring at something unconsciously in deep thoughts, leads to over exposure.
  • The permanency of strong sight depends on the use of right habits.
  • The instinctive reaction of people mostly is to a sound as they turn their head or eyes to look at it though it is not visible.
  • People who are wearing glasses for eye sight it is necessary to keep the focus towards centre or front to avoid distortion that appears when a person looks at the side of the lens, thereby losing flexibility of the muscles.
  • When a person is asked to close eyes for the sake of relaxation. It will interfere his work and also he looks somewhat conspicuous, especially when there is gathering or meeting. But normal blinking exercise is free of such encumbrances, and it is very helpful to prevent tiredness and strain.
  • In an average person eyes makes the frequency of the visual impression between thirty to forty images per second.
  • Blinking helps to increase the actual amount of time of active sight as failing to blink reduces the images numbers to twenty or few images reduces per second.

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