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Dear readers, Today the topic is Body Care and Lose Weight, Home Remedies and some steps to follow to lose weight sensibly and effectively without losing skin beauty. Your personality depends more than just on your face. If one really want to look good, straighten your back and hold your shoulders back. Now look straight at eye level, so the head should be evenly poised above your spine and chin should be at right angles to your neck. To avoid hunched back, keep shoulders straight by pushing your chest up and out. Tuck in your tummy.

The correct body posture
The correct body posture

The correct body posture

To maintain this posture initially one should make a conscious effort, later it become naturally. This graceful courage makes you feel fitter. Need to maintain posture while sitting as well. Adjust seat on such height that knee joint should form right angle when the feet are resting on the floor.

The back of the chair should be firm enough to support the spine. Sitting down and raising up should be in flowing movement, rather than awkward jerks. Top of your body should keep straight and lower body slowly on the chair. After sitting hold your back straight, stomach in and trunk push into the chair.

All movements should be relaxed, not stiff and jerky to improve your posture. Study your walking posture. Walk with barefoot with wet feet and check the sign left by your feet. To get a straight line of walk practice this method regularly.

Weight Problems

Overweight can be due to some internal hormonal disease such as diabetes, adrenal gland problems,  thyroid and ovaries abnormalities.

Overweight may lead to skin infections, fungal infections in the folds specially. Obese may also lead to high blood pressure and heart attack problems.

So it is necessary to lose weight, not only for looking good but also for being fit and healthy.

Lose Weight
Lose Weight

Lose Weight Sensibly and Effectively without Losing Beauty

Losing weight slowly is most effective way of slimming as fast losing may harm ones skin beauty. Crash diets often fail as they cannot be sustained. Crash diet will effect your beauty. Normally women spends about 2,200 calories in a day.

To reduce weight one should eat about 1,200 calories per day continuously. If you persistently eat about 100 calories less every day, your body shortfalls by some grams fat daily. By following this within 10 days 1kg weight can reduce easily. Weight get reduce slowly day by day. It may take sometime to lose the desired weight. Don’t expect rapid loss of weight as though it is slow if you are following properly your diet control, you are sure to be a winner.

Is high protein food fattening?

Protein foods are not fattening. Proteins provide same calories as carbohydrates and so on equally fattening. But protein do not leave the stomach as quickly as carbohydrates, so you do not feel hungry.

Protein for slimming diet are like eggs, yoghurt or fish which is rich in minerals and vitamins . Avoid starchy and sugary food.

Cut Down Fats

A low fat diet is very sensible way to cut down calories. Make sure that rest of your diet should not run out of control. When you cut down fat in your meal, you tend to feel hunger soon. Don’t eat more snacks, sweets, to satisfy hunger. Vegetable like cabbage or cucumber salad will be helpful to satisfy your hunger and it is one of the good source to lose weight.

We can reduce fat content of a normal meal to about 25% by removing cream from milk, avoiding fried items and ghee.

Take food as much as desired are:

Salad: carrot, radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and lettuce

Drinks: Lemon juice, clear soup, buttermilk, jaljeera

Diet to Loss Weight


1 slice bread or 1 idli

3 tbsp cooked porridge

1 egg or 30gm cheese

I cup tea


1 cup soup

1 cup dal

1 cup seasonal vegetables

2 chapatis or 2 cup rice

1 cup curd

1 cup fruits

Evening Snack:

1 cup tea or coffee with biscuits


2 chapatis or 2 cup rice

2 cup of noodles

1 cup dal, fish or meat

Plenty of green salad

1 cup seasonal vegetables

Avoid Food to Lose Weight

Fried food: pakoda, puri, samosa, parantha

Sweets: ice creams cakes honey, pastries, chocolates, jams and candies

All alcoholic drinks

Fruits: Banana, Chiku, mangoes and grapes

Dry Fruit: Cashew nuts, peanuts almonds

Vegetables: Potatoes, Arbi and other tubers

Aerated drinks like colas

Home Remedy for Weight Loss

*Fresh lime juice and honey mixed in a Luke warm glass of water should take every morning on empty stomach. It will reduce weight in 2 or 3 months. After 3 months take day by day then 3 times in a week. After 2 weeks take once in a week. Later can stop or continue it does not harm your health.

*Tomatoes are very beneficial to lose weight. 3 or 4 tomatoes should take every morning in place of break fast, couple of months. It is safe method to reduce weight as it also supplies essential food elements to preserve the health.

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. The above tips should be followed Under the guidance of your health-care practitioner if any health problem. Normal healthy people can follow the above diet and steps.

So, these were the tips on Body Care and Lose Weight. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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