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Dear Readers, Once upon a time there was such belief that heredity made a man even today few people believe about heredity. By this logic parents, who were loyal, intelligent and wise produce same quality children. It was in the genes, conversely, children of a thief and beggar did not stand much to chose other path than just like their parents outcasts.

Child Vision
Child Vision

It will not work always in same way as history is the testimony of this fact. Dhondo keshav karve  was born in illiterate and poor family. He pursued his education by sitting under street lights. He become educated and the founder of S.N.D.T university.

  • Abraham Lincoln was born in shepherd’s family.
  • Charles Dicken’s father was something of a not great level.
  • Hitler’s father profession was painting people homes.
  • Thomas Alva Edison was born in poor family.

Yet in later years, this genius of  a scientist amassed the world by their success worth millions.

While writing about these great people one name coming in my mind that is Imran Uddin who born in low middle class family as per his acknowledgement on his website. He started blogging in very young age and succeeded. He is the founder of Alltechbuzz and running a company called All Tech Media Pvt Ltd. Now he is one of the top 10 blogger of India and he is also running several popular websites including All India Roundup and providing different services.

Another one more young blogger who is successful in blogging and running few other websites besides his studies (Pursuing a degree in computer science engineering). He is Iftekhar Ahmed the founder of Iftiseo.

Present-day psychologists claim that child mind is a blank slate upon which through conditioning certain behavioural patterns could be inscribed. Environment effect the behaviour, nature and child personality but also their eyes and vision.

Eye Care
Eye Care

There are two different ways to raise a child. We can let them grow and develop themselves as disposition dictate, base on parent’s guidance on the rules and rituals and intuition or we need to provide intellectually stimulating environment and encouragement, to achieve success like, to be a chartered accountant, an engineer or a doctor, and it should not be at the expense of the child’s vision.

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    Hi Sazia

    This is interestng and you are right that Children are in the stage where they can form their behaviour and intelligence. It is important that parents give cildren an environment where they can grow soundly.

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more of your pasts. Take Care

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