Classy to Cute: Different Hairstyles-Low-bun Hairstyle and In-bun Hairstyle


Dear Readers, Various hair styles are made for parties, marriages, modelling and ring ceremonies etc. Different hair style increases the beauty and looks. How to take hair care for hairstyles? Let’s Learn In-bun hairstyle and Low-bun hairstyle. There are three stages of hair style as follows.

1.Spreading 2.Holding 3. Moulding

Hair care for Hairstyles

  • Wash hair with shampoo before hairstyle.
  • While making hairstyle consider the factors-hair, face-cut, profile and view etc.
  • For hairstyle back-comb at 0 degree, 45 degree, 95 degree, 135 degree, and 180 degree.
  • Use hair spray as per hair style, there are different hair spray available for different hairstyles.
  • Use ‘normal hair spray’ for loose hairstyle.
  • Use ‘Ultra hairspray’ for front waves hairstyle.
  • For tall hairstyle use ‘Ultra hairspray’.
  • Use ‘Hard hair spray’ for final hairstyle.
  • Use ‘Perfect hairspray’ for rough hair.
  • Use ‘gel or mousse’ for loose hairstyle.

Use hairspray closely to get shine in the hair. To get matt-look, use hairspray from little distance. To get funky-look or velvet-look, use hairspray from considerable distance.

Low-Bun Hairstyles
Low-Bun Hairstyles

Low-bun Hairstyle

At first comb the hair part the hair ear to ear and make ponytail with very low hair of the back. Pin-up the ponytail from both sides and give finishing with help of spray. Now take an additional bun twist the ponytail end outside or inside. Fix it tight with the help of forks. To give beautiful look tie a net over it.

Then take front hair puff and pin-up. Roll it according to the hair growth or over the bun, overlap them and pin-up. Then give finishing with hairspray. Attach a matching broach to it.

In-Bun Hairstyles
In-Bun Hairstyles

In-bun Hairstyle

Comb the hair for few minutes and part it from ear to ear. On the back make pony tail with very low volume. From sides pin-up the ponytail and spray it. Now ponytail mould from inside make like bun and pin-up from inwards. Then give finishing by using spray.

Take the puff of the ear to ear parted hair and pin up according to the face. Pin-up the hair and twist extra hair over the bun and attach a matching broach. This twist hair set around the bun in a circle.

Do you want to know about Chinese-bun hairstyle, Japanese-bun hairstyle and two-in one roll hairstyle? Read my next articles.

This is about Classy to Cute: Different Hairstyles-Low-bun Hairstyle and In-bun Hairstyle. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it in order to create awareness about Natural beauty and Health. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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