Dandruff – Hair problems and Remedies


Dear Readers, Dandruff! Oh nooo…Today I am going to discuss about Dandruff, Hair loss, Split ends, Baldness, Head lice and some home remedies including some steps to follow for prevention of these problems . The major disorder of scalp is Dandruff. Almost every third person has some types of hair problems or Dandruff, oily hair, dry hair, ice scanty hair, falling hair etc. It is just like skin is being shed and replaced. This shedding of scales is known as Dandruff. Don’t neglect Dandruff as it may lead to baldness.

Dandruff– Hair problems and Remedies
Dandruff– Hair problems and Remedies

Dandruff is caused due to hormonal imbalance, bacterial and fungal infection on the scalp. It may cause due to excessive use of hair product, which have harmful chemicals. Use Medicated shampoo which contain zinc, sulphur, selenium or tar. If Dandruff shampoo not given any benefit consult dermatologist as Dandruff treatment on time is necessary or else it may lead to serious problem.

Causes of Dandruff

Sluggish condition of the scalp due to Poor blood circulation.

Improper Diet

Poor Hygiene

Dry scalp

Too Hot or Cold region climate.

Points to Follow

*Wash your hair regularly.

*After shapooing , use good brand conditioner only on the ends of hair.

*Lightly brush your hair every day for 10 minutes as it will give good massage to your scalp. Don’t use sharp edges brush.

*Rub lemon juice to scalp to get rid of Dandruff.

*To cure Dandruff massage scalp with brahmi oil day by day.

*Use Dandruff shampoo or sulfate free shampoo to cure Dandruff.

Dandruff Remedy: Soak 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds overnight in water. Morning grind that seeds into fine paste. apply paste on scalp leave it for 30 minutes. wash hair with shikakai or any herbal shampoo. Use this remedy once in a week and get rid of dandruff.

Hair Loss

Main cause of hair loss is illness, tention, malnutrition. There are so many other reasons causes hair fall.

To cure this problem follow below given points

*Trim hair once in a month.

*sun does a lot of damage to hair. Protect hair from direct sinlight by using sun hat.

*Make paste of shana seeds with coconut or castor oil and apply on hair and scalp.

*Oil extracted from rohisa rub on scalp to get new hair growth.

*Massage hair for 20 minutes with finger pads using brahmi oil once in a week. Do not scratch with nails.

Hair Loss Remedy: Indian gooseberry is a hair tonic. Cut into pieces and dry in shade. Boil in coconut oil till solid matter becomes like char dust. It is an excellent remedy to stop hail fall and graying of hair.

Split Ends

The hair splitting is due to slight bio-chemical imbalance. Hair splitting is problem of combination hair. In such case sebum oil can’t reach hair end, thus ends become brittle and they fall off. Split ends may travel upto the root if not treated on time.

Points to Follow

*Trim hair once in a month.

*Avoid sharp clips and rubber bands.

*Use mild shampoo with coditioner.

*Don’t brush too hard.

*Don’t use chemical based products.

*Don’t use blow or dryer let the hair get dry itself slowly in natural way.


Appearance of small bald patches on the scalp is alarming. There are different causes of baldness in which some of them are anaemia, any serious disease, great anxiety and sudden shock.

Consult doctor immediately. Once the hair fall their follicles get close, nothing can be done.

Don’t worry here are some remedies for baldness.

*Apply juice of kaner on affected parts of scalp.

*Mix 2 tbsp of curd and 2 tbsp camphor lotion. Apply on scalp leave for 2 hours and wash with Luke warm water.

*Make a fine paste of Pigeon pea which is pulse. apply on scalp every day to get rid of baldness.

Head Lice

Improper clealiness breeds lice.

*Keep the hair and scalp clean.

*Avoid using towels, soap, or comb of a person infested with lice.

*Bitter almonds paste apply on hair and scalp to get rid of lice.

*Lice also cause due to swollen neck glands in children.

Basic guide lines to prevent all Hair problems

  1. Avoid dyes. Henna can be use as conditioner.
  2. Take calcium supplement or 2 glasses of milk every day.
  3. Take iron and minerals in natural form.
  4. Take protien like eggs, nuts and pulses in your diet.
  5. Take fresh vegetables and fruits in good quantity.
  6. Trim hair once in a month to avoid split ends.
  7. Use mild shampoo with conditioner.
  8. Massage your hair with oil once in a week.
  9. Never treat the hair harshly.
  10. Avoid all types of chemical treatments and hair dryers.

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. The above tips should be followed Under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

So, these were the tips on Dandruff– Hair problems and Remedies. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for health and herbal beauty tips soon.

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