Diabetes-Kidney Disease-Diabetic Nephropathy Symptoms prevention and Treatment-Long Term Complications and Home Remedies


Dear Readers, unfortunately body function is not so simple. When the foods protein breakdown and produces more waste product it should get eliminate by the kidney, which put over load on weakened kidneys. Therefore need to intake lower protein in nephropathy kidney disease to protect kidneys.

Diabetic Nephropathy Kidney Disease
Diabetic Nephropathy Kidney Disease

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Diabetic Nephropathy Kidney Disease

In type 1 and type 2 diabetes frequent complications is kidney disease or nephropathy which is develop in 20 percent of the diabetes patients. Diabetic nephropathy takes several years to get develop. After five years or more onset of diabetes kidney functions adversely start getting effect. Tiny blood vessels which remove waste, excess water and chemicals from the blood and act as a filter in kidney get damage and leak.

As a result the protein in the body spills into the urine.  The damage filters get destroyed which load stress on the other remaining filters and due to excess load these filters also get damage.

When the complete filter system get damage the kidneys fail to function which is end stage renal disease. it takes around 3 years for kidney to give way. In this condition the patient require dialysis or kidney transplant to live a normal life.

Diabetic Nephropathy Symptoms
Diabetic Nephropathy Symptoms

Diabetic Nephropathy Symptoms

  • Breath shortness
  • Swelling of feet, ankles, hands and eye
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Poor appetite
  • Fatigue feeling

Oedema is the first symptom of renal involvement in diabetes. This may be due to repeated urinary tract infection. Renal infection is characterised by weakness, anorexia, persistent anaemia, heart failure and hypertension. Renal disease risk is twelve times more in type 1 diabetes than type 2 diabetes.

Blood pressure is another sign that kidney is not functioning properly. Normal kidneys get rid of excess water and salt. But nephropathy effected kidneys retain water and salt and blood pressure rises to high levels. Further it can aggravate heart disease and eye damage.

Diabetic Nephropathy Prevention and Treatment
Diabetic Nephropathy Prevention and Treatment

Diabetic Nephropathy Prevention and Treatment

Control the blood glucose levels, blood pressure and regular screening test to prevent these all complications of diabetic kidney disease. national institute of diabetes and digestive kidney diseases of USA conducted 10 year study trial, which ended in 1993 June, proved among type 1 diabetic patients that control of blood glucose can prevent onset and delay nephropathy.

40 gram protein intake should be reduced in a day. Diabetic patient should take complete rest. In mild sunlight should take sun bath daily for some time. Skin should be kept clean to avoid infection. Hot fomentation need to apply over the lower back and kidney region.

These should be done by stimulating wet pack. Hot water bath twice in a day must. Avoid foods containing oxalic acid in large quantity like chocolate, spinach, garlic, coco, parsley, asparagus, watercress, celery and cucumber. Papaya can take as per patient wish as it has a kidney healing power. Home-made cottage cheese and a cup of soured milk can include in diet. Instead of large meal patient need to take five or six small meals.

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Note: If any serious health problems please consult to your doctor immediately. In case of Pregnant women or any other serious health problem then the above given tips should be followed under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

So, these were the tips on Diabetes-Kidney Disease-Diabetic Nephropathy Symptoms prevention and Treatment-Long Term Complications and Home Remedies. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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