Vision and Nutrition Vitamin C-Vitamin D and Calcium


Dear Readers, Vitamin C prevents infections and common cold. Vitamin C carries hydrogen to all the body cells. Vitamin C fights micro-organism diseases. Body use this ingredient to manufacture collagen, which holds bones and cells together. Our general health is linked with our eyes health so vitamin C is crucial for our eyes health.

Fruit and Vegetable Diet
Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Benefits of Vitamin C

The lens which is rich in vitamin C is a healthy sign, while diseased lens contains none or little. Very low vitamin C in the lens leads to glaucoma and cataract. Vitamin C effectively treats glaucoma.

In the University of Rome doctors experimented by giving large doses of vitamin C to patients who were suffering with glaucoma. There was significant drop in intra-ocular pressure, lowest pressure in the eye and when vitamin was highest in the blood stream.

Researchers found that intake of vitamin C in large quantity prevent cataract in diabetic. Intake of 1500mg vitamin C daily heals corneal ulcers as per British study report. Citrus fruits like amla, oranges, sweet lemons, lemons, raspberries, tomatoes and papaya are rich in vitamin C. Vegetables also contain small amount of vitamin C.

Long time storage and heat destroy vitamin C . Raw fruits and vegetables need to consume to get the whole vitamins benefit. If cooking is necessary for few vegetables then never discard the water after boiling vegetables in it as it contain vitamin C.

Mental tension, hormonal drugs, tobacco and antibiotic drugs destroy vitamin C present in human body. Smoking one cigarette destroys 25gm of vitamin C in our body.


Benefits of Calcium and Vitamin D

Layman considers that vitamin A is excellent for the eyes. A New York ophthalmologist Dr Arthur knapp, says vitamin D is excellent. He treated number of eye problems with the help of calcium and vitamin D including myopia. In few cases the eye sight increased in double within short time. In the number of medical magazines the report of Dr knapp’s experiments are published, including international academy journal of medicine preventive.

In experiment myopia patient was given calcium and vitamin D was showed 50% better change, some remained the same as slow effect and a full third showed excellent reduction in myopia.

Dr Knapp tried calcium and vitamin D on different types of eye problems like keratoconus, retinitis, cataract, pigmentosa and glaucoma. To know about these diseases please check in Google. There was excellent improvement in large percentage of cases. Calcium deficiency leads to myopia, and vitamin D is necessary to absorb calcium in the body, which makes the bones and muscles strong.

Follow Eye Exercises
Follow Eye Exercises

Calcium and vitamin D dehydrate the eyeball fibrous coat. Water logged coat is susceptible within the eye to the fluid pressure, and stretches into the elongated shape in a type of nearsighted eye. Fibrous coat dehydration leads to the shrinking of eye ball to normal shape, which reduces myopia.

Researcher Dr Hunter Turner, says the prime factor of nearsightedness is a build up of water pressure in the eye. Intake of carbonated soft drinks leads to water clogging inside the tissues of our body and eye ball.

Vitamin D is available in sunshine. The good sources of vitamin D are eggs, milk, cod liver oil and butter.

Leafy vegetables, milk, grapes, figs, beetroot, millets, black gram and til are good source of calcium.

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    I always take vitamin c if I start to feel a little under the weather, for example if I feel a bit of a cold coming on I can stave it off by taking vitamin C.

    Enjoy the journey!

  2. says

    Hi Sazia,

    I take vitamin D to prevent depression, but never knew it was good for my eyes too. I do take it every day and now I see the many benefits it does have….thank you.

    As for vitamin C…I know I don’t get to eat the proper nutrients because I only will eat organic food, so it is not always available. I take a C supplement every day. Especially the Summer months, it is great because I’m in the sunshine and it helps the cells below the top layer of skin to be sun damaged.


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