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Dear Readers, The most informative sense is the sight of all the senses. Our eyes explore the world by inspecting and scanning the details of our surroundings. They can shift its focus in any direction instantly, and their movements are rapid. They adapt to the amount of light as well as much require in sunlight brightness.

The eye ball is flattened sphere in diameter it is about an inch. It lies in a bony socket and it protects the eyes from any injury. There are three layers in eye balls.1.Retina 2.choroid 3.sclera.

When the light enters the eyes it is refracted or bent. It is passes through the conjunctiva, the aqueous humour, the cornea, the lens and the vitreous humour, before reaching the retina.

Eyes Flexibility
Eyes Flexibility

Eyes Flexibility

  • For those who want to establish normal vision, ensure that you have to blink easily and habitually.
  • Without feeling any strain you have to blink 30 times quickly and continuously.
  • If you feel break in rhythm, by constantly blinking set an easy flexibility.
  • Don’t try to overcome many years of habits within a few minutes, but try to coax and increase blinking habit in a phased manner.
  • If eye lids are not moving easily and they are not flexible then try this exercise: Tightly close your eyes, exercising muscles, now open the eyes widely. Repeat this 7 times after every 2 hours.
  • In between these hours practice slow, easy and deliberate blinking. As flexibility is reached gradually increase the number of blinks.
  • When you have acquired the habit of slow blinking then practice rapid blinking.
  • While blinking the eyes should be wide open.

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Flashing Eyes
Flashing Eyes

Flashing Eyes

  • Look at the object straight you wish to see.
  • For four seconds regard the object, blink thrice quickly, and shut the eyes at once, resisting the too much absorbing tendency.
  • Shut the eyes for few seconds until they are ready to see again and they are relaxed.
  • Open the eyes and repeat the same blinking process, for three seconds observe and close the eyes again.

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