Eyes Exercises to Improve Eye Sight-Central Fixation


Dear Readers, In the middle the retina has a small 2mm diameter circular elevation which is called macula lutea. In the centre of this macular there is a tiny depression which is called fovea is a maximum point of sensitiveness. In infants stimulus normally develop the sensitiveness of the macular during first three weeks.

Bright and Healthy Eyes
Bright and Healthy Eyes

If one is able to focus the mage clearly seen into the macula small area comparatively, one sees clearly, effortlessly and easily, since the acute visions nerve-ends are correctly stimulated. For the people who have myopia (short sight problem) hypermetropia (long sight problem) or astigmatism, irregularly the image is focused, over a large area, which result in the nerve-ends outside the macular area, do not have strong sensitiveness to give response which result in strain.

The strain is is not because of the local application, but to get the image in its entity. There is visual centre in the brain which is useful to get a clear image. Stimuli get confused from other nerve-ends also, which leads to mental aberration and blurred vision. When we focus mathematical point habitually, the eye will be less strained and tired, provided keep moving the point of focus.

In the whole range of vision only small amount is seen clearly at once, this small amount corresponding to the image area which falls only upon the macula.

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Hold a Ball in Each Hand
Hold a Ball in Each Hand

Eyes Exercise 1

  • Hold a ball of any bright color in each hand, stretch hands in front of you, about 2 feet apart.
  • Look at the ball directly which is in left hand, move focus over it in any direction and observe in detail, after every five seconds blink your eyes.
  • Don’t look at the ball directly which you are holding in right hand but you will be aware of the ball in your right hands. The right hand ball will be visible as it is in vision field. It will not be visible clearly in detail.
  • Repeat the same process with the ball which is in right hand.
  • When you are able to notice the details of the ball in either one hand. Bring balls nearer to the eyes till 6 inches apart.
  • Watch one ball at a time by repeating the same process till one ball is visible better than the other one.
  • Now bring balls together as they touch together and now repeat the above given process of watching one ball at a time.
Eyes Health Exercise
Eyes Health Exercise

Exercise 2

  • Take a large chart with large text letters with good light focus upon it.
  • Stand far away from the chart, notice if the large letters ‘B’ and ‘R’ are still visible clearly.
  • Close the eyes for 2 seconds and get relax.
  • For a second look at the letter ‘R’ quickly and again close your eyes by realising that only that letter is clearly visible, though the other letters are visible ate the eye periphery.
  • Repeat the same exercise until you are able to ignore other letters completely and see ‘R’ clearly than other letters.
  • Repeat the same process with ‘B’ keeping the glance to the duration of one second.

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