Eyes Exercises to Improve Eye Sight


Dear Readers, When you are watching a film, move the focus from one point to another point, see with the vision of macula, to counteract the tendency to state blink frequently. Besides seeing a comparatively minute point with the normal eye very clearly and less distinctly the rest of the field, minute point of focus changes continuously and rapidly that it is quite an action of unconsciousness.

Beautiful Eyes
Beautiful Eyes

The oculist assumes that the eye strain is due to refractive error, and accordingly to correct the error prescribes glasses. It is the strain that produces refractive error. People who have normal sight it is essential for them to maintain the macular vision, while the people with defective sight cultivate the habit of macular vision, seeing in this manner have better sight for the eyes, with strain freedom.

The habit of cultivation can be done at any place and at any time, never under pressure or force.

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Alphabets to Check Sight
Alphabets to Check Sight

Eye Exercise 3

  • Follow this exercise 3 after following Eyes Exercises to Improve Eye Sight-Central Fixation. Move closer to the chart till you are two feet away from it.
  • Look at ‘B’ and notice the horizontal three lines of the letter ‘B’-bottom ,middle and top.
  • Look at the top bar of the letter ‘B’, and from one end to another end shift the focus, observing the clearcut, sharp outline at the edges.
  • When you observe the letter ‘B’ top bar, you will realise that it more clear than the other two bars.
  • Shift the focus to the middle bar, similarly notice that the other two bars are less clear than the middle one.
  • Now practice the same with the bottom bar, and you will realise that it clearer than the other two bars.
Eye Sight Is Precious
Eye Sight Is Precious

Eye Exercise 4

  • Stand in front of the chart 10 feet away. So that the letters looks visible but not so clear.
  • Close your eyes and relax for few minutes.
  • To notice only one letter which is on the line open them briefly, and then close the eyes quickly.
  • Repeat this closing of the eyes and alternate flashing, separately with each eye, and then together till this letter stands out clearly visible than the other letters.
  • By practising this exercise you will realise that the vision period obtained at first gradually will lengthen.

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    I had no idea until coming across this that different exercises for your eyes could improve eyesight. I like how you point out that these exercises are beneficial because they can be done at any place and at any time. I will have to look for other exercises that are offered from reputable companies to make sure that I am getting all the benefits from this that I can.

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