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Dear Readers, Face is such a social network where we stand for connecting people around the world within fraction of seconds. It is nice place for global community and for bringing people together, for giving free opportunities and ideas to people around the world. There are so many major events on face book on different topic which is very helpful and supportive for all to connect each other.

Facebook News

The CEO of Face book Mr Mark Zuckerberg announces

The CEO of Face book announces investigation into anti-conversation bias. Face book CEO Mr Mark Zuckerberg responded to accusation its company’s “trending” list was suppressive conservative media by saying that the company was conducting an investigation on the topic on Thursday. Didn’t find any evidence of alleged manipulation, but “If we find anything which is against our principles, we will take necessary additional steps to address the same it is my commitment these points written by Face book CEO Mr Mark Zuckerberg on face book post.

He also added “ i’ll invite people across the political spectrum and leading conservatives to discuss to know their point of view on the topic. His main aim is to bring our global community together.

Facebook at Work

New Delhi May 10 Social networking giant Facebook has rolled out an offering its enterprise ‘Facebook at Work’ and in India that will allow to an organisation employees to connect and collaborate with co-workers. The programme has seen firms ‘at its beta stage’ which is like L&T infotech, RBS, Telenor, YES Bank, Paytm, Godrej Industries, Zomato and Delhivery coming on board. Similarly Facebook offering allows users to get connect with their colleagues, comment, News feed, share posts, create groups and work chat.

It is like corporate account and the employees can’t login trough their personal account and when they leave the company they will lose the access to that account as it is managed by the organisation and the company data is safe.

Director Julien Codorniou Told

Director Julien Codorniou told to reporters,”At Facebook our mission is to make the whole world open and connected with each other, and this is also tru in the work place, In a mobile-first world we want people to find simple way to connect and collaborate with co-workers. He also added that Face book at work is completely productivity solution and not a network solution.

Ramesh Gopalkrishna said   

Facebook at Work Asia pacific Ramesh Gopalkrishna said, for the pilot over 60,000 companies globally in which 450 are already on board. These includes from different sectors Travel, Telecom, Banking, retail and real estate.

“India is one the top countries of Facebook at Work. Our team is working on it and testing solution with more companies with 5,000-10,000 employees before opening this platform.” He added.

More than 1.62 billion (in which 142 million from India) people are already on face book connecting with each other around the world, and maximum people using it through mobile. People have the knowledge how to use News Feed, Massages, Groups and events features. Face book at work is completely separate from a personal account. From the CEO to employee all can see the information posted on ‘Face book at work’.

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