Fenugreek-Health Benefits-Cure Disease


Dear Readers, Fenugreek is a leafy vegetable with excellent medicinal properties. It is very helpful to keep the body healthy and fit and it nature boon to mankind. It cures anaemia, lactation and pregnancy, digestive problems and biliousness.

Fenugreek is an erect with strong scent and annual herb about 50 cm high. Its flowers are yellow in color with pointed thin pods 6 cm long. There are two types of fenugreek known as Champa Methi and Marwari Methi, both the varieties are recommended for cultivation. It is cool season crop and grows in all over India.


Fenugreek Food Value

In India fenugreek is called as methi and it is a leafy vegetable. Steaming is best method of cooking as the vitamins are retained in this process. The dried leaves get compared to pulses for the protein content in it. They have the supplement of the lysine-deficient diets.

Fenugreek seeds contain foetid and bitter oil resin, albumin and mucilage. Their vitamin and mineral is high. In India seeds are using for many purpose and generally it is used as condiment.

Fenugreek contains

Moisture 86.1 %, fat 0.9%, protein 4.4%, fibre 1.1%, minerals 1.5%, phosphorus 51 mg, carbohydrates 60%, calcium 395 mg, iron 16.5 mg, vitamin C and vitamin B complex in small quantity.

Curative properties in Fenugreek
Curative properties in Fenugreek

Curative properties in Fenugreek

Fenugreek leaves are aromatic, cooling and mild for body. Regularly apply the fresh leaves paste over the scalp before 1 hour of taking bath. It lengthens hair, preserve the natural color of the hair and make it soft and silky.

Take fresh fenugreek leaves make paste and apply on face before going to bed and wash with warm water. it is an excellent remedy to cure blackheads, pimples, dryness of the skin, wrinkles and premature aging. It is also useful to improve complexion and makes the skin fair and lovely.

Fenugreek seeds are demulcent, carminative and diuretic which is helpful to relieve gastric, lactagogue, discomforts, increases the flow of milk, astringent and aphrodisiac tonic. It is the best cleanser for the skin and seeds are useful to prepare hair tonic and cosmetics in java.

Anaemia Cure

Fenugreek leaves are helpful in blood formation. Cooked leaves are useful to prevent anaemia. Fenugreek seeds are rich in iron and an excellent remedy for anaemia.

Lactation and Pregnancy
Lactation and Pregnancy

Lactation and Pregnancy

Fry fenugreek seeds in ghee and make powder. Mix this powder in wheat flour and sugar and prepare halwa. Take this halwa in small quantity daily helps normalisation after baby birth (delivery).

The seeds made into gruel, are best diet for nursing mothers for increasing the milk flow.

Digestive Problems-Biliousness

Fenugreek leaves are very beneficial to treat indigestion problems, sluggish liver and Flatulence. They heal mouth ulcer problems. It is useful to cure ulcer, gargle with an infusion of the fenugreek leaves.

To get rid of biliousness take boiled or fried fenugreek leaves in butter. Fenugreek seeds are useful in the treatment of colic, dysentery, flatulence, dyspepsia and diarrhoea.

Do you want to know about how to cure dandruff, stomach disorders, fever, sore throat, respiratory infections, body odour, bad breathe, diabetes and swelling through fenugreek remedies? Read my next articles.

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    Hi Sazia ,
    thank you for writing about Fenugreek,it is very often used in Iranian dishes as well.
    Here not many use or know it ,but as you did write it has many benefits.
    I have it always in my kitchen ,some of the Iranian dishes would not have the right taste
    without Fenugreek.
    Great to read about here in your blog
    Thank you

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      Hi Erika mam, thanks for visiting…in India we often use fenugreek leaves and seeds. In karnataka people cook different types of dishes and breakfast varieties with fenugreek seeds and leaves.

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