Fighting Diabetes-Eating Rules to Prevent and Control Diabetes through Antioxidants Diet


Dear Readers, Health agencies advised that antioxidants prevent heart disease, high blood cholesterol and cancer. Good source of antioxidants are: Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Alkaline Foods, Potassium Foods and Raw Foods etc.

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Leafy vegetable which is dark green in colour, orange and yellow colour vegetables and fruits like carrots, peas, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peaches, apricots, mangoes, cherries and lemons.

Vitamin E:

Nuts, wholegrains, seeds, almonds, soyabeans, vegetable oils like fish liver oil, sunflower oil and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C:

Citrus fruit, Indian gooseberry, blackcurrants, strawberries, brussel, kiwi fruit, sprouts, green leafy vegetables, raw cabbage, potatoes, green pepper, parsnip and tomatoes.

Alkaline Foods:

Fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products.

Potassium Foods
Potassium Foods

Potassium Foods:

Raw peanuts, dried peas, melons, skimmed milk and wheat which are rich in potassium can revitalise and heal the pancreas cells. It is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

Sensible precaution individuals who has kidney problem along with diabetes this minerals can build up in the tissues and blood, They need to take professional advice before taking any diet.

Raw Food Benefits:

Raw foods are better than cooked foods. Cooking increases the glycaemic response of foods. Cellulose envelopes of starch granules gets destroy and the starch easily gets absorb into the system. The excess starch gets convert into sugar and passes through urine. So raw foods prevent diabetes complications.

Cooking vegetables in Healthy Way
Cooking vegetables in Healthy Way

Cooking vegetables in Healthy Way

Vegetables are best in the form of salad. While cooking vegetable ensure that nutritive value of vegetables are preserved. To achieve this need to take certain precautions.

  • Wash vegetables properly and cut vegetables in large pieces. Boil in water adding little salt to it as it helps to preserve vitamin C and vitamin B-complex. Never add soda or baking powder in food as they decrease pancreatic juices effectiveness.
  • Keep the fire low while cooking it makes them easy to digest and preserves their natural flavour. Cooking over high flame destroys nutrients.
  • Cover vegetables vessel tightly while cooking and add little water. Cook for short time and serve hot.
  • Use vessels made of enameled brass or copper which is properly tinned for cooking. Never cook in aluminium vessels as this reduces the pancreatic juices effectiveness.
Eating Rules for Diabetics
Eating Rules for Diabetics

Eating Rules for Diabetics

  1. While eating never take water until it is necessary. Take water or any liquids before half an hour and after one hour of taking food. Butter milk, milk and soups can take with meals.
  2. Chew food properly never eat in hurry. Never eat full of stomach.
  3. While eating food avoid worry, feeling of tired, bad temper and excitement. Such feelings temporarily paralyse the digestive juices and hydrochloric acid manufacturing. Eat with relaxed mind as it is good for health and food get digest properly.
  4. Do not discuss much while eating and don’t eat without hunger.
  5. Never eat raw fruits and raw vegetables together.
  6. Never do any heavy work of never lift any heavy load immediate after a principal meal.

Note: If any serious health problems please consult to your doctor immediately. In case of Pregnant women or any other serious health problem then the above given tips should be followed under the guidance of your health-care practitioners.

So, these were the tips on Fighting Diabetes-Eating Rules to Prevent and Control Diabetes through Antioxidants Diet. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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