Fruit and vegetable Juice Cured Common Diseases


Dear Readers, Today I am going to discuss about some common diseases which can be cured through fruit Juice. Juices cleanse the harmful elements from the body prevent degeneration and procure ingredients necessary for the regeneration of the cells. Juices are beneficial almost in maximum number of diseases. 

Fruit and vegetable Juice
Fruit and vegetable Juice

Cold: Luke warm water with lime early in the morning every day helps to get rid of cold. Ginger, carrot, radish juices are beneficial.

Cough: Luke warm water with full spoon of honey and 1 lemon juice in it is excellent home remedy for cough. Carrot and basil juice also beneficial for cough.

Diabetes: Bitter-gourd, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, lemon, spinach juice  beneficial for Diabetes.

Acidity: Cabbage, carrot, potato, cucumber and water melon juice works wonderfully for acidity. Milk should taken before bed time.

Cancer: Carrot, grape, beetroot, apple, wheat grass, ginger and tomato juice useful for cancer. Please consult to doctor immediately in case of cancer symptoms.

Asthama: Carrot, cabbage, green grapes, sugarcane, beetroot, papaya, apple, garlic and leafy vegetable smoothie juices are beneficial for Asthama.

Fever: Luke warm water with honey and lemon can be taken early in the morning. Cabbage, gourd, orange, pomegranate juice is useful  for fever.

Eyes: Vitamin A and all other vitamins necessary for eyes health. Leafy vegetables juice beneficial to the eyes.

Gastric Ulcer: Cucumber, potato, papaya and cabbage. Milk is beneficial for gastric Ulcer. Avoid citrus fruits. Avoid stress and mental  tension.

High Blood-Pressure: Juices of wheat grass, orange, papaya, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, banana and curry leaves are excellent for high Blood-Pressure.

Diarrhea: Apple, beetroot juices, Fenugreek seeds, Black tea with lemon juice, are excellent home remedy for Diarrhea.

Headache: Cabbage, apple, beetroot, cucumber, tomato and ginger juice useful for headache.

Impure Blood: Carrot, radish, spinach, cabbage, beetroot, apple, lemon, pomegranate, bitter-gourd and green turmeric  smoothie juices are useful to purify the blood.

Migrane: Mix 2 spoon  ginger juice in lemon juice shows tremendous result in migrane. Please also follow mind exercises along with Shakasana.

Piles: Carrot, Fig, Potato, onion and leafy vegetable juice are excellent home remedy for piles. Take buttermilk every day before going to bed.

Indigestion: Luke warm water with lemon juice early in the morning. Ginger juice before meal. Pineaple, papaya, cabbage, pomegranate, cucumber and coriander leaves juices are beneficial for indigestion problem.

Kidney Stone: Pumpkin, carrot, cucumber, apple juices and magnetized water useful for kidney stone problem.

Weight: Carrot, watermelon, tomato and cucumber juices are beneficial for weight reduce. Luke warm water with honey and lemon early in the morning every day is a excellent for to reduce weight. Green tea is also beneficial.

Skin diseases: Spinach , potato, beetroot, cucumber, watermelon, radish, apple, guava, pomegranate and papaya juices are useful.

Sun-Stroke: Lemon, Amla, tamarind, melon and orange juices are useful for sunstroke.

Fair and lovely Complex: Apple, beetroot, tomato, radish, pomegranate, guava, water melon, papaya and cucumber juices are excellent to get beautiful complexion.

Eczema: Apply potato juice on the affected skin. Leafy vegetables, carrot, papaya, water melon and melon is useful for Eczema problem.

NoteJuice treatment should be taken under doctor’s supervision.If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor.

So, these were the tips on Fruit and Vegetable Juice cured Common Diseases. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.
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