Green Gram to Cure Sickness-Fiver-Beauty Aid For Hair and Skin


Dear Readers, Green Gram is one of the most wholesome pulses. Comparing to other pulses it is free from the heaviness and tendency. Since ancient time it has been cultivated in India. Early it has been introduced in Indo China, Southern China and Java. Recent times it has been introduced into east and Central Africa, United States and West Indies.

Green Gram is a highly nutritious diet. Soak the beans for overnight drained and keep it in a container or cloth in shade. Sprinkle water after every 3 hours within 2/3 days sprout is ready. There is an amazing nutritious increase in sprouted beans.

Green Gram
Green Gram

Green Gram Whole Dried Seeds Contains

Moisture 10.4%, fat 1.3%, protein 24.0%, fibre 4.1%, minerals 3.5%, carbohydrates 56.7%, phosphorus 326 mg, calcium 124 mg, iron 7.3 mg, calorific value 334, small amount of vitamin B complex.

Green Gram Dal Contains

Moisture 10.1%, minerals 3.5%, fat 1.2%, protein 24.5%, carbohydrates 59.9% fibre 0.8%, iron 8.5 mg, calcium 75 mg, phosphorus 405 mg, calorific 348 (value), small amount of vitamin B complex.

Natural Cure Through Green Gram

Cooked green gram is digestive and excellent for sick persons. Its regular use during pregnancy and lactation, childhood provides required nutrients and health. Green gram powder can be applied on the eyes to reduce heat and burning sensation in hot climate.

Fever Cure
Fever Cure

Fever Cure Through Green Gram

Soak green gram in water for 6 hours drain and take this water on empty stomach it is an excellent remedy to cure measles, cholera, small pox, chicken pox, typhoid, and all types of fevers. It is also beneficial during acute phase of appendicitis.

Uses of Green Gram

The dried beans can be eaten whole or as a form of dal by boiling it. After removing the seeds coat grind into flour. This flour is used in so many Chinese and Indian dishes to make delicious breakfast. The green pod also useful and eaten a vegetable. In United States and China it is used as bean sprouts.

Beauty Aid
Beauty Aid

Beauty Aid

Green gram flour is an excellent detergent and can be use to wash face. it helps to remove dirt and makes the skin soft and clear. It can be use as face pack which bleaches the skin colour and improve complexion. Hair can be washed through green gram paste to make the hair long and prevent dandruff.

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