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Dear Readers, In beautifying a person hair plays an important role. Hair is made of a kind of protein which is known as carotene. There are three layers of hair. 1. Cuticle 2. Cortex 3. Medulla

  • Cuticle is the exterior layer of the hair. It provides shining and protection to the hair.
  • Middle layer of the hair is known as cortex. Here certain chemical changes takes place and it is most important layer of the hair. Melanin, the substance which gives colour to the hair.
  • The inner most layer of the hair is medulla. It carries nutrients to the cortex and cuticle. Generally in thin hair it is not found.
Healthy Hair
Healthy Hair

Hair types

1.Normal hair 2.Oily hair 3.Dry hair

Hair Problems:

  • Falling hair
  • Dandruff
  • White hair
  • Scabs in hair

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Hair Problem Reasons

  • Tension, worry and convulsion
  • Hormonal disturbance
  • Scalp infection
  • Malnutrition, deficiency of minerals and vitamins
  • Improper hair treatment
  • Overuse of harsh shampoo
  • Medicines side-effects
  • Use of dirty towels, combs, brush and pillow covers
Oil Massage
Oil Massage

Hot Oil Massage

For strong and healthy hair massage is important. Massage boosts up the head blood circulation and prevent hair fall. It gives nutrition to the root of the hair and makes the hair shiny and clean.

Oil massage is helpful to remove dandruff. Regular hair massage makes hair healthy, shiny and thick. Oil massage brings mental peace if it is done in proper way.

Oil Massage Kit

1.Comb 2. Hair oil 3. Oil heater 4. Cotton 5. Towel

Oil Massage Steps

  • Massage with the help of all fingers tips.
  • With the fingers and thumb do clockwise and anti-clockwise massage gently.
  • Allow pressure on the head for few seconds and release it. Repeat this step 10 times.
  • Make partition of the hair and do pinching massage carefully as it should give relief and pleasure.
  • Put both hands palms together and do tapping massage.
  • Part the hair in strands. Pull the hair lightly and carefully by twisting them around the fingers.
  • With the help of thumbs do the criss-cross massage
  • Do the tapping with fingers by holding hands in vertical position.
  • Behind the ears on the occipital bone do the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage.
  • Through the hair run fingers and with the help of palms rub on the scalp.
  • On the shoulders do the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage.
  • On the back keep all the fingers wide open like the butterfly-wings and massage gently.
  • On the back do the vibrations massage.
  • For long time keep on combing the hair.

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    Thank you for sharing this topic, it’s helpful and informative. What you’ve written ’bout the hear problem reasons are true and I can relate to it. And hot oils massage makes a big part in relaxing my head/hair. Keep posting

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