Hair Color and Shades


Dear Readers, The hair color is natural. To maintain the natural color of the hair forever researchers found professional colors after experiment and with the help of technology. Hair colors ad beauty to the personality. Lightening can be done in two ways.

Hair Color and Shades
Hair Color and Shades

Hair Color and Shades

1.Artificial lightening 2.Natural lightening

Artificial Lightening hair can be done by ammonia. It is helpful to open the hair-cuticles and the oxygen in the developer helps to lighten the hair.

Natural lightening hair can be done by exposing your hair to sun rays. It takes ling time to get lightening but it damages the hair.

Blue, yellow and red are primary colors. These colors are helpful to develop secondary colors such as Violet, ash, copper, gold, red, mahogany, chsest nut and green. Hair need to color as per requirement and suitable to skin color.  This color range is professional and there are different shades in it.

Chemicals like ammonia, antioxidants, ion-Gneutriciride, hydrogen and buffer can be used in hair color tube. Ammonia is an agent of alkaline. It is helpful to open the cuticles, which gives color to the hair. Color tubes are cream based. Since it is in cream form it makes the hair smooth. It spread easily in hair and ads beauty to the hair. Another tub e color chief agent is developer which has oxygen and hydrogen.

Tubes are available in different quantities.

40 volume, 30 volume, 20 volume, 10 volume, in this developer , oxygen is 15%, 9%, 6% and 3% subsequently. It is very helpful to make the color light.

Hair Color
Hair Color

Hair Color Base Shades

  • Dark brown
  • Darkest brown
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Light brown
  • Blonde
  • Dark blonde
  • Light blonde
  • Very light blonde
  • Very very light blonde

Hair can be colored as long as the scalp and fibre is strong. For sensitive scalp color is not suitable. If hair is spongy and week then use semi-permanent hair color which is specially made for damaged hair. After every five weeks touch up should be done.

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    Hi Sazia,
    Interesting subject. Some people think that as you get older, you should not colour your hair,and just let it grey. I have dyed my hair from the age of 20, all different colours. I even let my hair come in grey one time but didn’t like it. I have been a light blonde for about 5 yrs now. Nice article about hair and dye- hair coloring.

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