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Dear Readers, Women and men loved to bring a change in their hair looks. They use different types of dyes to colour their hair. Highlighting the hair with different tints is also a fashion now a day. Colouring the hair is called dyeing of hair in brown or black color. It is a chemical dye. Before dyeing hair need to test as sometimes dye can cause reaction on certain skin. For testing apply dye first near ear area if swelling or irritation is felt avoid using such dye.

Chose the Right Hair Dye
Chose the Right Hair Dye

Always choose colour close to your natural shade considering your eye color and skin tone. Hair color to dye hair with warm skin tones like gold, red and auburn shades, are more suitable with brown eyes and warm skin tones. Cool tone colors like  ash or lighter gold color is more suitable to the fair people. It depends person to person as per their skin tone and eyes color different color shades are suitable.

Use always semi-permanent hair color which is specially made for damaged hair for spongy or for the hair which breaks easily. Use conditioning to prevent further damage of hair. Every four to six weeks touch up should be done as per the hair growth.

Three types of chemical dye are there:

  • Liquid dye
  • Cream dye
  • Powder dye

Material Used for Dyeing

  • Comb
  • Hand gloves
  • Glass bowl or plastic bowl
  • Hair cap
  • Dye brush
  • Apron
  • Cotton
  • Dye remover
How to Apply Hair Color
How to Apply Hair Color

Hair Dyeing Method

Wash the hair with any good branded shampoo and get it dried. Mix the chemicals as directed on the hair dye packet. Now part all the hair in thin strands and apply dye in all strands carefully. Dye should not get on to the skin. If dye stains on the skin wipe it off immediately with the help of dye remover. After applying dye on all hair strands leave on for sometimes till it gets dry or as suggested on hair dye packet. Now wash it off and use conditioner. After washing out dye it necessary to apply conditioner to prevent hair damage.

Steps to follow while dyeing hair

  • Never mix dye in any metal container.
  • Hair must be clean and dry while dyeing.
  • Liquid dye need to keep away from sunlight. Lid need to close tightly as the dye may get oxydized and becomes useless.
  • Before dye need to shampoo the hair and don’t use conditioner.
  • After mixing dye need to use immediately don’t keep it for long time or for future use.

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