Hair Fall-Bald-Hair Growth Treatment


Dear Readers, Today let’s discuss about Hair Fall-Bald-Hair Growth Treatment and Home Remedies for Hair growth, Hair Nourishment, Hair loss, Bald patches and Lengthy hair, Causes for Hair fall and Treatment. Falling of hair is common disorder these days. It causes a great deal of concern who effected by hair loss. Indian woman regards, thick long hair, good hair growth as a sign of beauty. Hair is formed in follicles. An upgrowth called papilla, at the base of follicle which produces hair. Hair growth in women between 15 to 30 the average growth rate is 1.2 cm per month. It depends person to person as per their health condition.

Hair Fall-Bald-Hair Growth Treatment
Hair Fall-Bald-Hair Growth Treatment

Causes of Hair Fall

Inadequate nutrition is one of the most important cause of hair loss. Lack of vitamin B6 lead hair loss. Deficiency in folic acid leads to complete baldness. But they can get hair growth back after the liberal intake of these vitamins.

Worry, stress, anxiety and sudden shock is an important cause of falling hair. Stress leads to severe tension in the scalp. This effects the supply of nutrition required for healthy growth of the hair. Too hot water is not good for hair.

Long illness like chronic cold, typhoid, syphilis, influenza and anaemia also leads to hair problems. Hair roots becomes weak, which results in hair falling. Unclean scalp also leads to hair fall problem as dirt blocks the pores results in weak hair. Heredity also one of the main cause of hair fall.

Treatment for Hair Loss

The healthy hair condition depends, on the intake of good amount of nutrients in the daily diet. Protein require for women 65gm, men 85gm, boys and girls 90gm. These nutrients will be supplied by yogurt, buttermilk, milk, soyabean, cheese, eggs, meat and fish.

Hair becomes coarse and ugly due to lack of vitamin A.

Vitamin B, iodine, iron, copper deficiency leads to hair disorders like premature of graying and falling of hair. Hair problem facing people need to take food rich in inositol such as liver, yeast and molasses.

Women need to keep their diet adequate in iodine, B vitamins and iron to have better growth of hair. To get rid of lose hair problem need take seeds, grains, nuts, vegetables, milk, honey, liver, vegetable oils, yeast and wheat germ.

Hair Fall Home Remedies      

Grow Hair

Wash hair with cold water and rub scalp with finger tips vigorously till it starts to tingle with the heat. It will energize the blood circulation and activate sebaceous glands which helps to make hair grow healthy.

Prevent Hair Loss

Prepare Amla oil by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil and apply for hair growth. Take equal quantity of fresh amla juice and lime juice and use as shampoo to stimulate hair growth and to prevent hair loss.

Lengthens Hair

Apply daily refined coconut oil mixed with lime juice on the hair. Prevents hair loss and lengthens them. Applying green coriander leaves juice in hair also beneficial for hair growth.

Hair Nourishment and Hair Growth

Grind coconut and squeeze milk through clean cloth. Apply coconut milk all over the scalp and massage from fingertips gently to nourish and promote hair growth.

Bald Patches and Bald Head

Pigeon pea paste or red gram need to apply to get rid of bald patches.

The seeds of lime and black pepper seeds grind and make paste and apply on bald patches, has mildly irritant action. This increase the blood circulation and improve growth of hair on bald head. It should be applied twice daily for 3 months.

Another useful remedy for bald patches is paste of liquorice (mulethi) by grinding with pinch of saffron and little milk. Need to apply on bald patches before going to bed.

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. The above tips should be followed Under the guidance of your health-care practitioner. Normal healthy people can follow the above given remedies.

So, these were the tips on Hair Fall-Bald-Hair Growth Treatment. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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