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Dear Readers, Before learning hair setting let’s make the hair bouncy and beautiful… how? Take solution of 200 ml light tea decoction and mix vinegar half spoon in it. Now wash the hair with this solution and give light massage while washing. It is an excellent remedy to make the hair lustre and bouncy. Isn’t it so simple? Anyone can do this in short span of time and get bouncy and beautiful hair.

Get Rid of Lice
Get Rid of Lice

Do you want to get rid of lice?

Take few crushed camphor tablets and mix well in hair oil. Apply gently this oil on scalp and give light massage. It is very useful remedy to keep the hair free from lice and infection. Another remedy to get rid of lice is take basil leaves in a towel and wrap hair in that towel and leave it overnight follow the same for a week.

Long and Black hair

To get long, black and healthy hair, wash hair with coconut water once in a week. Pure coconut oil is good for hair give massage once in a week before washing hair.


Hair Setting Temporary Straightening

Temporarily straightening hair means ironing. We can make curly or wavy hair also straight. There are two types of hair straightening 1. Temporary hair straightening 2. Permanent hair straightening.

Let’s learn how we can make hair straight temporarily. Wash the hair with straightening shampoo and conditioner then dry it with clean towel. Apply ironing syrum gently and pin up the hair. With the help of paddle brush blow dry the hair. In thin strands once again pin up the hair. Now with ironing machine iron all thin strands one by one carefully. To get better results use ceramic iron machine. This straightening effect retains till the hair is not made wet again.

Hair Crimping
Hair Crimping

 Hair Setting Crimping-Netlook Hair

Pin the hair as explained in previous article. straightened the hair by allowing blow dry. Once again pin up the hair. Press the lower pin-up with the help of crimping machine and crimp it. This is the method of crimping hair. To get better result hair spray can be done. It want to get ‘netlook’ hair follow the same process and after that at the end need to keep the hair in the ‘netlook’ machine.

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