Hair Straightening


Dear Readers, Naturally making the hair straight is called hair straightening. There are two types of hair straightening.

1.Temporary straightening 2.Permanent straightening

Another name for temporary straightening is ironing. After one wash the hair becomes normal. In permanent straightening the hair is straight permanently but the newly growing hair grows in its original form.


Hair Straightening Material

  • Neutralizer and hair straightening cream.
  • Brush
  • Plastic bowl
  • Hand gloves
  • Ironing machine
  • Straightening board
  • Dryer
  • Paddle brush
  • Apron
Permanent Hair Straightening Method
Permanent Hair Straightening Method

Hair Straightening Method

  • Wash the hair with shampoo and never use conditioner before straightening hair.
  • With the help of napkin dry the hair and do light ironing with ironing machine.
  • Part the hair ear to ear in the front, and do two partings at the back from the crown area.
  • If the hair is chemically processed, dry or damaged apply first protective product then start straightening method.
  • From the neck area take thin sections and apply straightening cream carefully. After applying the straightening cream on the straightening board set the hair carefully.
  • Follow the instructions on the hair straightening cream product of your choice.
  • Then wash the hair after 2/3 hours as the instructions given on the product. Wash till the cream thoroughly washed out of the hair.
  • After wash dry the hair and then with the help of drier and paddle brush blow-dry the hair. Take thin strands of hair and do ironing very carefully.
  • Apply the neutralizer after ironing following the same method as the straightening cream has been applied and follow the instructions given on the product.
  • With normal water wash out the neutralizer then wash it with the control mask of straightening. This mask is helpful to make the straightening long lasting and allows extra halt to the straightening.
  • Towel-dry the hair carefully and apply straightening product and blow-dry the hair.
  • After hair straightening don’t wash the hair for two days don’t use hair pin or rubber band to tie the hair.

Steps to Follow

1.Straightening cream should not touch the scalp as this may harmful to skin.

2.Retain the straightening cream in hair as suggested on the product.

3.For straightening hair take the help of any expert or beautician.

4.Always use good branded product for hair straightening.

5.Follow the instructions given by the beautician after hair straightening.

6.After 2 days of hair straightening use any branded straightening shampoo and conditioner.

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    My nieces always straighten their hair, even those who have quite straight hair naturally! I don’t really get it myself, I’ve never been one for changing my natural beauty.

    Enjoy the journey!

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