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Dear Readers, Fashion keeps changing along with time but the basic things remains the same. There are different types of hair settings which need to choose according to our face shape. The requirement of basic implements remains the same but only hair style keep on changing. Along with hair style one need to take care of their hair to prevent hair loss and other hair problems.

Hair setting with Blow Dry

Blow dry is a cut style hair setting after hair cut. It won’t take much time it can be done quickly.

Inturn Hair Setting
Inturn Hair Setting

Inturn Hair Setting

Wet the hair with normal water before setting or apply gel or mousse in hair. The gets shine and it retains for long time. after applying mousse or gel pin-up and turn the lower hair with the help of round brush and pin-up. Now from the upper level take hair Parts, one by one by allowing dryer. Inturn them with the help of round brush. All the pin-ups take down one by one and slowly inturn the hair. This hair style will retain longer and it gets good volume.

Outturn Hair Setting
Outturn Hair Setting

Outturn Hair settings

Pinup hair as suggested in previous articles. After 30minutes one by one bring all the pin-ups down and with the help of narrow brush set them outturn. This hair set stay longer. Before hair set spray the hair. For outturn hair set, set the plastic rolls in a hood dryer and leave it for one hour. Outturn hair set also can be done with the help of electric rod.

Roller Hair Setting
Roller Hair Setting

Hair Setting with the help of Roller

Pin-ups the hair as suggested in my previous article. There are different types of roller hair setting which can done with the help of hot rollers, plastic roller, rubber spiral roll etc.

For outturn hot rollers are best. Set the hot roller outside and leave the roller for 1 hour. In the ear to ear partings pin-ups the hair by taking very thin layers and set the hot rollers. Leave it for one hour and takeout the pin-ups one by one. If the hair is soft and silky then it can be set in hood dryer.

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