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Dear Readers, Using wrong kind of brush will damage your hair. Always use quality brush and boar bristles brush. Combs and brushes play a vital role in hair care. Keep combs and brushes clean and don’t share with others.

Traditional Hair Style
Traditional Hair Style

Traditional Hair Style

Part the hair left to right ear. Make a ponytail by taking half of the back hair in a round. Run a black color thread along with the braid (artificial) and fit the braid with the ponytail and knit the braid carefully. Pin-up the front hair in the suitable style to the face.

Remaining hair of the pin up set around the ponytail with care as the setting should give good finishing look. Lower back hair divide into two parts. Overlap the right side hair and comb it backside then overlap the left side hair. Pin-up and attach flowers or matching broach round the braid.

Funky-Look Hair Style
Funky-Look Hair Style

Funky-Look Hair Style

Ear to ear part the hair and comb it for 5 minutes. With the entire back hair make the ponytail. Tie up the funky-look braid to the ponytail with the help of black thread.

Remaining ponytail hair set around the braid. Pin-up the front hair and around the braid set it. If you want to get additional funky-Look make an additional funky look frill over the pin-up.

Tips for Healthy Hair
Tips for Healthy Hair

Tips for Healthy Hair

Keep always two hair brushes in your hair kit. For general grooming oval shape medium size brush, which add volume to your hair style. Round shape brush for smoothening and straightening the hair naturally.

Brush always should be light weight and should have an easy grip. The bigger the brush the hair will be straighter.

Wash the hair brush regularly. A dirt clogged hair brush makes the hair dirty and it does not glide smoothly while brushing the hair.

Add shampoo or one spoon washing soda in hot water. Add antiseptic lotion few drops if require. Rinse with clean water and let it get dry naturally.

When the bristle loses its stiffness and effectiveness it’s better throw it away and get new one.

A boar bristle brush makes the hair long and shine it also help in blood circulation. It helps to distribute natural oil in hair which is present in scalp. It pulls the dust particles and dirt off the hair.

Brushing brings more blood towards the scalp which helps in hair growth. Brush regularly for 10/5 minutes as it distributes more oils from scalp to hair strands.

It protects the hair make it stronger and healthier. It is better 100 strokes before going to bed

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This is about Hair Style-Traditional Hair Style-Funky-Look Hair Style-Tips for Healthy Hair. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share it in order to create awareness about Natural beauty and Health. I will update new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beautician course soon.

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      Hi Lesly Federici mam, Happy to see you here. Thanks for visiting and for your feedback. I have written articles about grey hair. We can stop grey hair it is also possible to turn them into black if it is premature greying.

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    Hi Sazia,

    Those are lovely hair styles for ladies with long hair and I wish mine wasnt short. Sadly it’s not as easy as just letting it grow because it doesn’t look good past a certain length.

    I obviously need to apply more of your tips for health hair!

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    You’re so right. Using the right brush to work through tangles will really make a difference in the way your hair looks and feels. It’s so important to have the right products in order to keep your hair happy and healthy! Thanks so much for the tips and recommendations!

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