Keep Hands Clean-Overcome Diseases


Dear Readers, Today the topic is Keep Hands Clean to Overcome Diseases. Need to create awareness among people to control infectious diseases. Bringing awareness in millions of people is a big task. All have to join hands in this as infection starts with small problems and may lead to serious illness. In the year 2008 report around 87 lakh children had died of age below five years. 68 percent children death cause was infectious diseases. 42 lakh death occurred in five nations including India. According to experts the reason for infectious diseases was not washing hands before meals.

Keep Hands Clean to Overcome Diseases
Keep Hands Clean to Overcome Diseases

Overcome Infections and Diseases

Few months back a news published in medical journal ‘lancet’ claimed that by just washing hands a man can remain healthy forever and can protect himself from a number of diseases. The published report said that infectious diseases generated by bacteria spread which due to unhealthy atmosphere, pollution and lack of cleanliness.

Not only children, even old age and elderly people also do not pay as much attention towards cleanliness. Cleanliness and sanitation is good habit to maintain good health. In every season cleanliness should be a part of our winter season people becomes lazy and avoid washing hands and legs due to cold.

They want to sit in one place and and finish all the works. They think how the legs get dirty when socks have been worn. Children learn these all activities from their elders at home.

Experts believe that washing hands can prevent the spread of infectious diseases. A Hungarian Doctor Semmelviz Ignac stressed on just cleanliness by washing hands brought down the death rate from 18 to 2 percent. People who pay attention to cleanliness, keep their homes clean are they safe from bacterial infection??? We keep our homes clean, what about the neighbouring area. Cleanliness of hands and legs important.

Lets see how Bacterial Infection Spread

Polluted surfaces

Door handle

Bus handle

Lift button

Therefore need to maintain personal cleanliness. Its very important to wash hands before eating to keep infections at bay.

Prevention from Infectious Diseases

*Wash hands and legs whenever come back home from outside.

*keep the bathroom and toilet clean

*keep kitchen and home neat and clean

*slight filthiness in kitchen is very harmful for health as food items are stored in kitchen. There are chances that bacteria can enter the food items.

*All members of the family must use separate towels.

*If you spend time more outside clean hands with hand sanitizer whenever you feel that your hands have become dirty.

*Dvelop cleanliness habits in your children from childhood. Ask children to wash hands and legs after coming back from school and after playing or its better ask them to take bath.

*Clean hands at the time of cooking food and serving it. When cooking meat and fish remember these things.

*Morning time If you visit park or garden do not forget to wash hands after coming back home to avoid bacteria.

*Avoid outside food where cleanliness is not followed and sold openly in market place.

*Unless people cultivate the habit of cleanliness till then attacks of infections will continue.

*Don’t be lazy in winter season to wash hands and legs as other family members also will get inspire by watching you. Your family will live healthy and bacteria free life.

So, these were the tips on Keep Hands Clean to Overcome Diseases. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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