Health Care and Precautions During Pregnancy


Dear Readers, Today I will discuss about Health Care and Precautions During Pregnancy, Care During PregnancyEffect on Legs During Pregnancy, Impact on Eyes During Pregnancy, Avoid During Pregnancy, Impact on Hair During Pregnancy, Precautions During Pregnancy, Diet for Pregnant Women and some steps to follow for Healthy and Cheerful life during Pregnancy. Motherhood is the biggest happiness in a woman’s life. When child gets birth and mother sees its face, she forget all her problems and labor pain. Women experiences the feeling of completeness, when she becomes mother.

Maintain Health Care and Precautions During Pregnancy
Maintain Health Care and Precautions During Pregnancy

Care During Pregnancy

Women should pay complete attention towards her health when she becomes pregnant. She becomes careless during this period which leads to palpitation, muscular pain and backache during middle stage of pregnancy. Beginning of pregnancy women suffer from nausea, giddiness and vomiting etc.

Women should not afraid during pregnancy as these all are natural conditions. She should afraid if these symptoms are not present.

During pregnancy women should go for regular medical check up. Mother feels as an earthquake occurring in her body. Women undergoes lot of problems and at the same time it is delicate moment which gives her pleasure.

From the first day, when she came to know about pregnancy symptoms she should be very careful so both she and her child remain healthy. There will be different types of problems during pregnancy, for some pain in different parts of body, insomnia, feeling of tiredness in legs and allergy.

Some suffer from pimples, acne, eruption and spots etc. many suffer from depression. Due to lack of information pregnant woman suffer from different kind of problems.

Effect on Legs During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman’s legs start paining when her weight increase. She has to maintain balance between house and out side work. she should not stand or sit for long time. She should complete her works from time to time in sitting position.

Impact on Eyes During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman experiences lot of impact on her eyes due to tiredness. In order to relief pregnant woman should sleep well and should take proper rest. Should not be careless towards eye else eyes get spoil. Due to iron deficiency many pregnant women suffer from dark circle under eye. Should take proper nutritious diet during pregnancy.

Avoid During Pregnancy

Laborious work

Watching Television for Long time

Should not write or read under dim light

Avoid smoking

Avoid alcohol

Avoid Excess intake of Coffee and Tea

Avoid lifting heavy weight items

Pregnant Woman Need to Follow these Steps

Pregnant woman should walk on with bare foot on grass.

Sit straight and rotate eyes in circular motion in both directions then close the eyes. Repeat this ten times.

Take olive oil and massage the eyelids gently and smoothly.

Take mustard oil and heat it lukewarm. In mustard oil mix little thymol and two camphor pieces. Massage head with this oil. This gives relief to the eyes. Follow vision exercises, click here for vision exercises‎

Impact on Hair During Pregnancy

Many women suffer from hair loss problem during pregnancy due to iron deficiency. Some women have good hair growth and hair fall problem occur after delivery. To control hair loss should take proper diet.

Some ladies use artificial hair dye to color hair which contains peroxide and ammonia. These leads to asthma and allergy problem, which effects the child.

Pregnant woman can use herbal branded dye with doctor’s advice. Sometimes during pregnancy blood pressure also gets high and sometimes blood pressure goes down need to follow doctor’s advice.

Precautions During Pregnancy

*Pregnancy women should take proper care of her health, need to take proper diet and rest. She should be away from smoke and pollution. Radiation is one of the reason for abortion.

*She should visit quacks and avoid self medication.

*Pregnant woman should take nutritious food as lack of nutrition leads to premature delivery

*Should avoid travelling on bad roads and long journey on bus.

*She should not take tablets like chloroquine, aspirin, primaquin as these are harmful for infant.

*Pregnant woman should avoid antibiotic and anti depression tablets as it can be fatal for the infant growing inside the womb.

*She should work comfortably and should not lie down. She should be happy and cheerful all the time.

*Morning and evening walking is important for pregnant women

*She should not over burdened, over stressed and disappoint during pregnancy.

*She should not compare with others as everyone has different body constitution.

*She should pursue her hobbies and go for regular medical check up.

*She should dress up properly and pay attention to her dressing and looks.

*Light pregnancy exercises can follow with doctor’s permission.

Diet for Pregnant Women

She should take foods like calcium, iron and vitamins, nutrients, sprouts, peanuts, pulses, sesame, lentils, soaked gram, soybean, dates, dry dates, carrot, tomatoes, round gourd, spinach, gourd, orange, green vegetables, cottage cheese, clarified butter, apple and seasonal fruits.

She should eat chaptis made from whole wheat curd and vegetable. Sprouted wheat contains vitamin E which prevent abortion and infertility. Should take butter milk, sprouted wheat milk, coarse meal, unpolished rice before and during pregnancy.

She should avoid stale and fried food. She should take vitamin supplements after consulting doctor with her permission.

Breast milk is produces from mother’s blood so it is very important that she should take proper healthy diet. She should be very careful about her health which leads to happy life with good health. Should not pay attention to gossips about pregnancy. She should be cheerful all the time and go for regular medical check up. To know more about Breast Feeding click here

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. The above tips should be followed Under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

So, these were the tips on Health Care and Precautions During Pregnancy. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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