Health benefits of Rice-Rejuvenation-Blood Pressure-Balancing Body-Digestive System-Children Diarrhoea- Skin Inflammation


Dear Readers, Rice is much-revered oriental and health beneficial food. Rice is staple food and many millions of people eat it regularly. Rice from which the husk is removed but bran layers and most of the germs retain called as brown rice.

Rice from which husk, germ and the layers of the bran is removed completely with the help of machinery called as milled rice. The rice which is milled to a higher degree is called as white rice.

Health benefits of Rice
Health benefits of Rice

Rice from which bran layers, germ and husk partly removed without power machinery is called as hand pounded rice.

Rice which is milled to a high degree and coated with talcum or glucose is called polished rice. Paddy which is processed by soaking in water or steaming, then dried by giving heat to it is known as parboiled paddy. It can be home pounded or milled to different degrees, it is known as parboiled milled or parboiled home pounded.

Since the ancient times rice has been cultivated in south eastern Asia. Now enormous quantity of rice grown over, 90 percent of the 100 million hectares in eastern and southern Asia.

Hand Pounded Rice Contains

Moisture 13.3%, Fat 1.0%, protein 7.5%, minerals 0.9%, calcium 10 mg, fibre 0.6%, phosphorus 190 mg, carbohydrates 76.7%, iron 3.2 mg and vitamin B complex in small quantity..

Milled Rice Contains

Moisture 13.7%, minerals 0.6%, fat 0.5%, protein 6.8%, carbohydrates 78.2%, fibre 0.2%, phosphorus 160mg, calcium 10 mg, iron 3.1 mg and vitamin B complex in small quantity. The key to youthful heath is natural brown rice.

Curative properties in Rice

In the east people consider rice as magical healer. It has medicinal values that could restore tranquility and peace for the people who get easily upset. In the ancient literature of Barma, Thailand, Malaya, and Indo China rice is mention rice is excellent for health. It is also revered as food of divine health and people use keep in religious offerings.

Rice gets digest quickly and easily. Rice starch is different which contains 100 % amylopectin which is quick digested grain starch. For those who seek healthy assimilation rice is an ideal health food.

Internal Rejuvenation
Internal Rejuvenation

Internal Rejuvenation

Rice protein which comprises around 8% of the grain has special benefit with amino acids. When the rice protein metabolised into amino acids, these amino acids build healthy muscles and after stretching and bending it comes back to its original form. It clears eye sight and makes skin and hair healthy. It provides nourishment to lungs, heart, ligaments, tendons, nervous system, brain and glandular network.

Brown rice helps to nourish the hormonal system, regulate blood pressure and heal wounds. It also offers iron which helps to enrich the bloodstream, potassium and phosphorus to maintain internal body water balance. It also helps to restore internal harmony.

High Blood Pressure

Rice has low cholesterol low-fat and low salt. People who have been advised to avoid excess salt due to hypertension problem, for them rice is the perfect diet. Researchers noticed, whenever rice is used as main food in diet, there are lots of benefits of youthful vitality and it prevent hypertension. Brown rice is an excellent remedy for hypertension which provides calcium to our body soothes and relaxes the nervous system.

Balancing Body
Balancing Body

Balancing Body

Rice diet combination with milk creates an excellent body balance. In this regimen, brown rice as solid food taken with little hot milk throughout the day. While cooking rice never use salt. Amino acids, isoleucine and lysine in the milk along with rice protein form stronger body-building blocks. It also helps in the absorption of iron.

Digestive System Disorders

Rice is extremely soothing to the digestive system due to its very low fibre content. Take rice add buttermilk and ripe banana to it and give it to the patients who are suffering from gastric ulcer, typhoid, gastritis, stomach and intestinal cancer, dysentery, colitis, diarrhoea, piles, morning sickness, indigestion, rectal fissure, fever, jaundice, hepatitis or inflammation of liver, due to hiatus hernia burning and indigestion, excess gas in the intestine and all the diseases where the light and mild diet is required.

Children Diarrhoea
Children Diarrhoea

Children Diarrhoea

Rice is very beneficial in the treatment of diarrhoea in children. Take one spoon charred par-boiled rice powder add one glass buttermilk and give in doses on an ounce after every half an hour. This is an excellent remedy to cure diarrhoea in children.

Skin Inflammation

Rice can be use for external use to cure measles, small pox, prickly burns and scalds. Dust the rice flour thickly over the surface which provides cooling effect it allays heat and irritation. In case of scalds and burns rice flour should be used immediately and it should be dusted thickly over the affected area.

Rice is cooked by steaming or boiling and is eaten with meat, fish, vegetables and pulses. There are two varieties long grain and short grain rice. Long grains rice is good to consume with curries as main food and short grains are good for making dosa, idli (breakfast) and puddings.

Rice Sweet Dish
Rice Sweet Dish
Rice Sweet Dish for Health

Rice 200 gms, gram pulse 50 gms, milk 250 litre, sugar 100/150 gms as per taste, cardamom 5 pieces.

We can make sweet dish with rice. Take rice boil in milk when it becomes soft add cooked gram pulse to it. Mix well, add sugar to it and leave on low flame for 10 minutes. Take cardamom and make powder by pounding well. Add cardamom powder, mix well add dry fruits and leave for 5 minutes. It can be serve hot or refrigerate it. This sweet dish is not only tasty but also very good for balancing body and good health.

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This is about Health benefits of Rice-Rejuvenation-Blood Pressure-Balancing Body-Digestive System-Children Diarrhoea- Skin Inflammation. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article, share it to create awareness about Natural beauty and Health. I will update new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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      Hi ikechi sir, Yes boil rice without adding salt, when it becomes soft need to separate water and steam for 5 minutes. This is how we cook..this type of cooking method is good for health.

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    Hi Sazia, rice is a favourite of mine, it’s good to know how very beneficial it is to my health! I love the sound of the sweet rice dish, I must try it out.

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