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Dear Readers, Now you all know how to make skin beautiful from within and how to get rid of all skin problems which I explained in my previous articles. Now learn Threading eyebrows, upperlips, sideblocks, forehead and Chin.

Actually threading is Chinese system of removing unwanted hair. Sometimes it comes in the way and hide the beauty of our skin. Thread particularly used by women.

In olden days women used natural recipes like turmeric and flour etc to remove unwanted hair. Today people are using different method to remove unwanted hair.  Maximum people are using threading.

Threading Kit

Talcum Powder

Thread no= 40




Parts of the face where Threading can be done






Before threading need to take care

  • If waxing done the unremoved hair can be removed with the help of threading.
  • Before threading talcum powder must use.
  • If threading is done with wet thread it will be less painful.

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Eyebrows Threading
Eyebrows Threading

1.Eyebrows Threading

Before threading eyebrows analyse which shape is suitable to your face. Here need to practice and learn threading. Take thread no 40 check where the hair growth is more on your and draw eyebrows shape on your leg. Now grip one end of the thread in between your front teeth and other end twist five times around your fingers.

Start threading on your leg where eyebrows shape is made threading should done always from the opposite direction. Practice this method everyday for one hour. Every day or after every 2 days, make different eyebrows shape on legs for practice. After one week of threading practice you will get accustomed different types of eyebrows threading.

There are different shapes of eyebrows which you can check in Google and practice accordingly.  There will be mainly 4 types of eyebrows which are Thin, Thick, Medium and Curve. If you are not confident which shape is better for your face then just clean the sides and make it perfect it will look natural.

Upperlips Threading
Upperlips Threading

2.Upperlips Threading

The delicate part of our face is upperlips. There is a chance of rash on upperlips if proper threading is not done. After tightening skin carry our threading or take the help of tongue from inside of mouth and push the upper lip slightly to make the upperlips skin tight while threading.

Side-blocks Threading
Side-blocks Threading

Side-blocks Threading

Between the cheek and ear area called as side-blocks. Ask the client to stretch and hold the skin of side-blocks while threading is getting done. If the skin is lose while threading there is a chance of getting skin damage.

Forehead Threading
Forehead Threading

Forehead Threading

Ask the client to hold the forehead skin tightly while threading. Always start threading in the opposite direction of the hair.

Chin Threading
Chin Threading

Chin Threading

Below the lower lip area is called chin. Ask the client to keep the lower lips tight by pushing the lower lips with the tongue from inside.

Need to take Care after Threading

  • Need to apply astringent after threading.
  • After threading moisturizer cream need to apply and massage for 5 minutes to prevent skin rash.

This is about Herbal Beautician Course-Threading Eyebrows-Upperlips-Sideblocks-Forehead and Chin. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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    Hi Sazia,
    I did not know this Threading comes from China 🙂
    I saw the ladies in Iran doing this 45 years ago and
    it was new to me,I was always running away from this 🙂
    I could understand that this ladies did threading, they had
    dark hair in the face and they are a master in threading
    the eyebrows I always liked to look how they do 🙂
    Just recently I met an Indian lady going threading in a mall
    here for her customers, she came fro Gujarat.
    Thank you for the information about threading
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