Herbal Beautician Course-Nutritional Food Suitable to your Skin-Teeth and bones-Nails-Hair and Eyes Health for Men and Women


Dear Readers, Our eating habits changed over the years. Now a day pesticides are being used in grains, vegetables and fruits. Today people are looking for easy and quick way out. Most of the people likes go for processed food, which is the main cause of poor nutrition.

Nutritional and Healthy Food Eating Beauty
Nutritional and Healthy Food Eating Beauty


Our skin needs vitamin B2 which is available in vegetables, whole wheat bread and milk. Vitamin C also needs to purify and vitalize the bloodstream. Easiest and simple way is we need to eat one orange per day to get these vitamins.

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Teeth and Bones

Vitamin D is requires for teeth and bones. Take fish and milk in good amount. Avoid too much of sugar and starch. This is helpful to build strong teeth and bones.


To prevent cracking, chipping and discolouring of nails, make sure you have diet rich in minerals, proteins and iodine.


Hair is made of a substance based on proteins which is called keratin. Healthy hair needs plenty of vitamin B and proteins. Protein food includes eggs, cheese and yummy fish.


Vitamin A is requires for healthy eyes. Good source of this vitamins are cabbage, carrot, leafy vegetables, eggs, butter and fish.

  • Vegetables, fruits and food grains are best when it grown naturally. Large numbers of people are depriving themselves from the essentials of nutrients in this busy life. Ignorance about the nutrition may be the reason of modern lifestyle.
  • One of the bad habit of today is most of the people rely on hastily prepared food. These are the foods which is semi processed which destroys essential minerals. Today’s diet consists of foods which are mostly snacks.
  • This is due to lack of time people chose bad eating habits. If you educate yourself and plan about nutrition food products value of day to day, you can eat good healthy food and grow beautiful.
  • There is a need of clear understanding about nutrients, food and diet. Increasing daily dose of vitamin is not the key to health and beauty. So pills popping become common day to day. It’s not necessary to talk pills unless there is lack of vitamin in diet. Popping pills is very harmful for health.
  • Along with good nutritional diet we need to follow few exercises and need to take 12 glasses of water every day. Need to sleep 7/8 hours per day. Avoid tension and stress keep yourself away from unnecessary discussions.

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This is about Herbal Beautician Course-Nutritional Food Suitable to your Skin-Teeth and bones-Nails-Hair and Eyes Health for Men and Women. Let me know your views on the topic in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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    Hi Sazia,
    Very tricky these days to eat well. I know for me, it’s really challenging to find food with no sugar, salt, additives, etc. .. So you have to do the best you can in eating healthy. Like you mention, so much of our food is contaminated with pesticides .. Food can be medicine, absolutely!


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