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Dear Readers, Let’s discuss about Honey Cures Infertility-Eye Diseases-Insomnia-Oral Diseases-Stomach Diseases and Prevent Old Age. Honey provides heat and energy. Honey is digestive form of carbohydrates which generate energy. Because of its dextrine content honey directly enters into bloodstream. Roman famous physician, Galen has described honey as medicine for all types of diseases and it has preventive and curative properties.

Sexual Disability Cure
Healthy Life

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Infertility Cure

Honey is all health stimulant, spermatogenic, aphrodisiac. Many Asiatics believe that honey has magical power and substances which influences the infertility of women and the virility of men.

Honey is an excellent remedy for rejuvenation and youthful virility. Boil three parts of water with one part of honey on slow flame until two thirds remains.

Cure Eye Diseases

Apply pure and filtered honey in the eyes as it is an excellent remedy for eyes. It improves eye sight and cures itching of the eyes, conjunctivitis, trachoma and other similar types of diseases. It prevent glaucoma disease in the initial stage.

It prevents the formation of cataract. Take 2 grams onion juice and honey mix and store in a bottle. Apply this in the eyes with glass soft finishing stick. It cures immature cataract and prevent from coagulation.

Insomnia Cure

Honey is useful in the treatment of insomnia. Need to take 2 spoon honey with a cup of water before bed. It also brings sound sleep.

How to Cure Oral Diseases
How to Cure Oral Diseases

How to Cure Oral Diseases

Honey gives sparkle to the teeth. Apply honey over teeth and gums to keep the mouth healthy. It prevents tartar, early falling of teeth, decay and growth of harmful micro-organism. Honey prevent from mouth ulcers and inflammation of the gums.

Cure Stomach Diseases

Honey is very beneficial to maintain stomach health. It is helpful in digestion, tones up stomach and prevent from different types of stomach diseases. It also controls the hydrochloric acid production. It prevents nausea, heart burn and vomiting.  Honey works as a laxative and emetic.

Prevent Old Age

Honey provides energy and heat to the body which is beneficial in old age. It clears up the mucus system and dries the phlegm. Boil a cup of water add 2 spoon honey and mix it. Take it as Luke warm. It is an excellent remedy, refreshing and strengthening drink.

These are the benefits and medicinal qualities of Honey. Do you know any remedy of Honey? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it to create awareness. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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