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Dear Readers, Let’s discuss about Honey Cures Heart Disease-Pulmonary Disease-Cough-Skin Disease Anaemia and Lose Weight. Honey is nature’s gift. It has unique medicinal and nutritional properties. It has sweet in taste and aromatic odor. Bees are capable of making honey comb and honey.

Honey Cures Heart Disease-Pulmonary Disease-Cough-Skin Disease Anaemia and Lose Weight
Honey Cures Heart Disease-Pulmonary Disease-Cough-Skin Disease Anaemia and Lose Weight

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Honey is used as medicine for several thousand years in India. Aristotle the father of natural science said that honey improved health and prolonged life. Recently found that, even after 22 years honey retain all its qualities.

The sugar in honey is glucose, sucrose and fructose. Sugar is available in fruits and vegetables. Oxygen is restored by it, when the fatigue sets in that is replaced by lactic and acid. Fructose is known as levulose which build up tissues. Sucrose is combination of fructose and glucose.

According to the latest research in honey pollen contains 22 amino acids, 11 enzymes, 28 minerals, 14 fatty acids and 11 carbohydrates. When honey heats to 150F for commercial use it loses much of these nutritive qualities.

Honey contains water, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium,  iron, vitamin C and vitamin B complex.

Constipation Hyperacidity and Lose Weight

One spoon honey in Luke warm water with honey take early morning regularly to get rid of constipation and hyperacidity. It is an effective remedy for obesity and lose weight without losing energy and appetite.

Heart Disease Cure

Dr Arnold Lorand, nutrition expert said honey is best for heart and digestion. In case of arteriosclerosis and weak heart honey is best medicine. It promotes the activity of bowels. He recommended honey with water and lemon before bed for heart patients. They can take it if awaken at night. Honey is also beneficial for cardiac pain and palpitation of the heart.

Pulmonary Disease Cure

Honey is an excellent remedy for the treatment of all kind of lung diseases. A jug of honey held under the nose of asthma patient and he inhales the air which comes with honey, he breaths easier and deeper. It brings relief whether the flowing air over the honey is inhaled or eaten or taken with milk or water. It is useful remedy for respiratory diseases.

Cough Cure     

Honey is very effective for the treatment of irritating cough. It is very useful for inflamed mucus membrane and retrieving irritating cough and difficulty in swallowing. Can do honey gargle to get rid of irritating cough.

How to Cure Skin Disease
How to Cure Skin Disease

How to Cure Skin Disease

To cure wounds and sores honey can be applied externally to effected parts. Dr N. Zaiss vinnese physician prior to the world wars, claimed that successfully treated thousands of wounds, sores and ulcers cases with honey.

Honey soothes pain, it is an antiseptic, it heels and effective remedy for curing carbuncles and burns. It fights with premature aging problems. It gives strength, youthful and beautiful skin.

How to Cure Anaemia

Honey builds haemoglobin in the body as it contains manganese, copper and iron. It is beneficial remedy for anaemia. It maintains the haemoglobin and red blood corpuscles balance.

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. The above tips should be followed Under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

This is how Honey works for different types of diseases. Do you know any remedy of Honey? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it to create awareness. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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