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Dear Readers, Starting your own blog doesn’t have to be so expensive. These days so many people have blogs and earning online by sitting at home or through office. Be your own boss and earn $$$$. Start a blog with the topic you are passionate about makes the blogging successful and easier. Blogging is sharing your knowledge and experience with the world.

There are two platforms to start a blog. One is Blogger and another one is wordpress. Blogger is free and it is good to start with blogger as Alexa rank decreases so fast on blogger and there is a chance to get rank fast but little risky being on blogger for long time as any time Google can delete our blog if anything goes against their policy knowingly or unknowingly. If you follow all the rules and policy of Google you can stay on Blogger platform safe.

Check the key words on Google or on key word planner of related niche which you want to start. You have to choose the keywords from keyword planner which is medium competition or low competition with high search on Google and buy domain with same or related keywords.

Blogger Platform

To start on blogger you should create Gmail account. Go to and Login to your gmail account. Click on new blog then the below mention screen appears. Give the title of your blog and blog address of your desired keyword. Chose the template and click on create blog. After creating blog you need to add domain name or continue with

How to Start Blog
How to Start a Blog

Domain name

You can buy domain from or any other domain registrar as you wish. Go to click on domains and search domain of your desired keyword which you have selected in keyword planner with high search and medium or low competition. Choose domain name with extension of .com, .net or .org which are best. Register your domain for one year.

Map domain name with Blogger-Custom Domain Name

When you purchase a domain name from they provide IP address A record and CNAME record. You have to change the record names to point your blog.

Login to your go daddy account and right side upper corner click on my account. Under domains find the option advanced details and click you will get redirect to domain manager page.

Godaddy advanced details

At the domain manager page bottom you will find DNS manager heading, this is the place where you can edit your domain configuration by clicking on launch.

Now enter the 4 IP address under the A host tab of the DNS manager (points to) by clicking on quick add button one by one.

DNS manager

Now in the box labelled CNAME(alias), create CNAME record of your blog address. Next to the existing CNAME record click on the pencil icon. Click on the quick add if you have entered the CNAME record.

After adding records click on save changes.

Wait for 24 hours to effect the change in your IP address. Enter the sub domain name of the address which you want to use for your blog. If your domain name extension is .com then enter www and next box as the host name specify.

How to Change URL on blogger with Custom Domain Name

  • Login to your blogger account. Under setting tab click on publishing.
  • Click on switch to advanced settings enter your domain name and click on setup instructions. Start writing articles.

Happy blogging all the best 🙂


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing . Is WordPress safe platform for blogging means no fear of getting blog deleted. Can you give tips on how i can migrate from blogger to WordPress.

    • says

      Hi Pawan kumar, Thanks for visiting and for your feed back. Sure next I will write on how to migrate from blogger to wordpress.. WordPress is safe no worry. Even blogger also good if you follow all the rules.

  2. says

    Hi Sazia

    You are so right and one can make money with a blog when it is built on a right foundation. It might take a while to make money but with hard and consistent work, it will definetly happen.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  3. says

    Hi Sazia ,
    it is something everybody can do who has a passion and likes to write about and share with others .
    To start a blog is today not very difficult as you give good tips here.
    The good thing is the possibility to earn money with it as well.
    Thank you good post

  4. says

    Hi Sazia, the free blogging platforms are a great place to start. I started off on these before I bought my own domain name and hosting. It is easier to earn from your own hosted domain than a free platform, but it isn’t impossible to earn from a free platform.

    Enjoy the journey!

  5. says

    Hey Sazia,
    Liked your post, you simplified the process for those who want to begin.

    Yeah liking the niche is a plus to start blogging making money from it, yet you can try other niches if you are sure that you can find good writers on that niche and if ROI worth the try.

    Really helpful article.

    Keep it up!

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