How to Rest the Eyes? Healthy Eyes Tips


Dear Readers, Do you care about your eyes? Excessive use of eyes and inadequate rest is main cause of visual problems. Very less people care about eyes and they know how to rest the eyes effectively. To get relief and relaxation to eyes follow the below given steps.

Distant Objects
Distant Objects

Look at the distant objects

Our eyes are made to look at distant places. Just look at the distant objects or green trees rest the eyes. Is it sounds good? Continuous work on computer, reading books, writing and watching television for long time makes the eyes feel tired or stiff. They can be rested by looking at the horizon for few minutes.

Rythmic Movements Exercise

Rythmic movements provide muscles relaxation and relief. To relax muscles of the body and eyes a variety of rhythmic movements can be practice.

Bar Swings Exercise
Bar Swings Exercise

Bar Swings Exercise

Stand in front of door or window which has bars in vertical shape. Through the bars, look at the distant objects. Now sway slowly just like a pendulum of a clock. While you sway transfer the body weight from one foot to another foot. Keep the body muscles free repeat the same for 5 minutes.

Keep the distance of 8 feet between two feet. With the help of left forefoot slowly turn right side about 90 degrees. Swing your arms along with your body while swinging. Revert to the normal position. Now With the help of right forefoot slowly turn left side about 90 degrees. While practicing this exercise breathe rhythmically and swing arms along with your body. Continue this for 5 minutes.

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Clod and Hot Compression

Alternately apply cold and hot compresses to face, cheeks, eye lids and eye brows. To apply this compresses use cotton or towel which have been soaked in cold or hot water. End the process with cold compresses. It helps to open up the small blood vessels of the eye balls and face which is extremely soothing.

Movements of Head Exercise

Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Now gently form figure 8 in air with your head. Keep moving head and breathe rhythmically. Practice for 5 minutes.

Water Splash on Face
Water Splash on Face

Water Splash on Face

From a running tap sprinkle cold water on the closed eyes for 3 minutes. allow the water to get dry itself don’t wipe with any towel.

Massage for Eyes and Face

Soak napkin in hot water. Rub the forehead skin, neck and cheeks. Never rub eyes. Massage gently with the help of finger tips.

Magnet therapy

For eye muscles relaxation magnetic treatment is very useful. Magnetic frames available, which need to worn on the face for 5 minutes. Cool magnetic waves provide rest to the eyes and relieve strain.

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  1. says

    Hi Saz

    Taking care of the eyes is most important. Most people like me are not aware that lack of exercises is what makes the eyes have visual problems. You listed some interesting exercises for the eyes.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  2. says

    Hi Sazia,

    I spend far too long in front of the computer screen, and when I’m not doing that my hobbies are reading and knitting so there’s no wonder my eyes feel the strain.

    Thanks for those ways to rest my eyes, they’ll be very helpful I’m sure.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  3. says

    All this are really good tips . In our time, many people have jobs sitting in front of a computer for a long time and at home in front of the TV. this makes the eyes tired . I would be very good to do these exercises to keep the eyes healthy and clear.

  4. says

    as a blogger i am always in front of computer without caring about my eyes, only i give rest to eyes is while sleeping.

    thanks for sharing the above tips and exercise for resting the eyes for better and healthy vision.

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