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Dear Readers, Using the eyes in faulty way are the sources of eye strain which develops visual defects. If you wish to care of you and your children eyes you should learn and know the correct way of using the eyes. Using eyes in correct way will ensure the maintenance of healthy vision, reduce the risk of visual defects and prevent further deterioration of existing visual defects.

Reading and Writing
Reading and Writing

Writing Reading

Our eyes are meant to look at far and near distance. Near works like writing reading etc and this is unnatural for our eyes. We can’t avoid near point work or close range that is the requirement of the day. By following certain simple rules we can make our life little easier for our eyes.

1.Always write or read in sitting position. Don’t sit on the floor or on lying on your stomach or on your side but sit on a comfortable chair and use desk. While reading and writing keep your back and head straight, and not tilted any side. Never stoop forward while reading and writing.

When you are seated the table or desk height should be at waist level. Working at a too high surface gives as much distortion as viewing a movie from the starting front row. While sitting on the chair the foot should be placed on the floor. If the feet not touching the floor, use a foot rest and sit comfortably.

Adjustable Desk According the Height of the Person
Adjustable Desk According the Height of the Person

Adjustable Desk According the Height of the Person

1.The illumination of the book also need to consider. It is necessary that the place where you place the book to read and write should be very well lighted. If in natural light reading in day time then sit near window as the hand shadow should not fall on the book.  If reading or writing in night time then sit as the lamp light should fall on the book from the left side if you are writing from right hand. The lamp light power should be good enough to provide strong illumination.

2.The book paper should be non glossy and reasonable big letters and printing should be good.

3.Reading material should be at the distance of equal to your knuckles and elbows length and it should be in front of you.

Correct position for Reading and Writing
Correct position for Reading and Writing

Correct position for Reading and Writing

1.Inclination of the book you are reading is also important thing. The text must be parallel to the plane of your face, on the desk it should not be flat. Buy the desk which is made up of at a 20 degree inclined which is better than horizontal surfaces for writing and reading.

While reading if you are holding book in hand then hold it in such a way that the pages of the book should be parallel to the plane of your face.

2.When you are writing or reading blink more often. While reading some people forgot to blink and they keep on staring at the book which is not good for eyes health. The minimum requirement is one blink per line J. Initially per line one blink should be done consciously, later on it will become a habit. Staring contributes to eye strain and best rest while reading and writing for the eye is blinking.

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    Hi Sazia, this is a very useful article on caring for your sight. I have a tendency to letter write on my knee but know how much more comfortable it is to write at a desk, but I don’t have one. My dining table is also too high, I am trying to get another at a more reasonable height.

    Enjoy the journey!

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