How to Wear a Saree in Different Styles-Up Saree Style-Waist-band Style Saree-Gown Saree Style


Dear Readers, The most sensual Indian attire is saree since centuries. By adding some interesting twists to your saree you can increase the beauty of it and to look atmost fashionable. There are so many different styles of wearing the saree. So lets get into the art of how to wear saree in different styles.


Up Saree Style

The opposite end of the palav wraps one round. Then fold in equal folds and from the back on the left shoulder take the palav end making it pass from below the right hand. Take this end behind the left shoulder side at the back and pin up. Fold the saree middle part in equal folds.

Twist these folds three times and push them into the left side waist. It give the look of 7 up. For this style the saree border which is pin up behind the shoulder back side. Drop straight below the knees.

It looks like number 7 in design. Select the saree with beautiful and attractive border for this style.


Waist-band Style Saree Style

Wrap the palav end around the waist. Fold the palav and take it back from the left side and bring it to the right side shoulder and drop the palav in the front upto the knees. On the right shoulder pin it up. Now fold the extra saree loose end and arrange it carefully on the left side.

Take back side the front dropped end and arrange it by bringing it from the below fold and arrange it just like waist band. For this style skirt border saree looks good.


Gown Saree Style

Opposite end of the palav wrap around the waist one round. Then from the left side take the palav-end back and from the right side bring it to the front on the waist. Now middle part of the saree fold into 10 equal folds and push it on the waist in the front.

Then from the right side take the remaining end by covering the blouse from the right side and bring it back from the below the left hand side carefully. In the front bring the end 6 inches low and pin up on the right shoulder and the saree ending border which is already wrapped.  It looks like western gown which is eye catching.

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