How Vitamin E and Protein are useful for Vision


Dear Readers, Vitamin E is excellent for eyes health. It heals the wound, dissolve blood clots, scars reduced, blood circulation gets improve, retard cells aging, keeps heart condition good and maintain fertility.

Vitamin E for Vision
Vitamin E for Vision

Vitamin E for Vision

Test was done with animals, its lack in their diet results in cataract, cornea, and other problems in retina and lens.             Vitamin E is very effective in treating different eye diseases.

In Italy a study was undertaken on 400 patients. Uniformly good results found in treating different eye diseases. In some cases noticeable vision improvements found. Vitamin E enables new blood cells to form. This is responsible for the fact and helpful in arresting and reversing the degenerative in the eyes which comes in old age.

In another study of Italian, patients with eye problems who were 40 years old were given vitamin E, and their presbyopia was reduced to the point and once again they are able to read without glasses.

Two French doctors who were working more than 2 decades ago were able to halt the myopia progress among young patients by giving them daily 100 mg of vitamin E. Vitamin E is very beneficial and has celubrious effect on the collagen. When the eyes collagen fibres loses its elasticity, they cannot give needed support to keep the eye from assuming abnormal shape if other factors like, near point work too much, and more stress putting on the eye.

Vitamin E restores strength and elasticity collagen fibres. Wheat bran and green leafy vegetables are good source of vitamin E.

Protein for Vision
Protein for Vision

Protein for Vision 

For vitality and strength protein is necessary. It is very good source and important for the eyes. Twenty years ago according to the British study the main reason of myopia progress in children is due to lack of protein in diet.

Experiment done on half of the children who had their diet altered so that 10 percent of their normal calorific intake vegetable or animal protein and other half not given these proteins. 12 years old children in the diet group of special category showed definite arrest of myopia wherein others the condition was reversed to some degree.

In 12 years old children the result was less but still encouraging. Their eyesight continued to deteriorate, and the rate of change was slow down. Those who consume protein in good quantity showed the least progress of myopia.

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