Important points to follow for healthy heart


Dear readersI am going to discuss today about heart. Our heart is the biggest victim in today’s hectic lifestyle, which is also a very delicate organs of our body.    
The seriousness of heart deceases is increasing now a days. Heart attack has become the main reason for death. Actually this disease is related with a lifestyle of a person due to our ignorance ,busy life, unhealthy food habits and stress. So it is necessary to take proper care and prevent any further problems.

Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart

Causes of heart attack:

High blood pressure: If blood pressure is more than 140/90 then it is high.
Banana is useful to keep the blood pressure normal.
Blood cholesterol: There is a close relationship between cholesterol and heart attack If blood cholesterol levels more than 200 mg percent are more prone to heart attack.
Stress: There is a close relationship between stress ,mental worries ,trauma , depression and heart

Hereditary: If there is history of heart attack in family then always be alert towards it.
Obesity: Obese people have risk of heart attack.
Smoking: Smoking and intake of alcohol also main cause of Heart Attack.

Symptoms of Heart Disease:

1.  Heart patient has fever along with frequent shivering.

2. In case of fever it should be understood that there is swelling in internal membrane and that   the bacteria has entered that place.
3. patient feels pain in liver and liver looks bigger than normal.
4. blood comes out with urine. Sometimes urination also stops. Patient feels difficulty in breathing and restlessness.
5. Swelling in hands and legs.

Causes of Heart Disease:

*Physical weakness
*Weakness of heart
*Use of intoxicating medicines
*Side effects of medicines
*Burning of major part of the body
*Eating in excess after starving for several days
*Sometimes happiness and sometimes sorrow
*poor digestion
*High or low blood pressure

*Natural cure for heart disease
*Many researches and studies have shown that those who do regular exercise and asana do  not have the risk of heart diseases. Exercise increase the efficiency of heart.
“Shavasana” which is best for heart patients it increases circulation of pure blood in the whole body.
note: the heart patient should do asana under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher. The heart patient
should not forget natural dietary therapy.
Irregular heart beat???
A new study has shown drinking less hot coffee overcomes all heart related strengthens the heart. It also keeps the brain active and fresh. An international research team research team has found that drinking coffee regularly prevents the problem of irregular heart beat.

How can the patient protect the heart???

  • Heart patients should reduce salt intake in diet. Take rest after lunch at least for one hour.heart patient should avoid excessive physical work
  • Avoid angry, anxiety ,stress and worry
  • Heart patient should sleep on time and they should sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours.
  • they should not get into disputes, listen to others patiently.
  • they should climb the stairs slowly. They should not walk fast and should not do any work hastily.
  • One should always control anger and fear for healthy heart.

Important Points to Follow for Healthy Heart:

>Do not take more than 1 teaspoon salt per day to keep a healthy heart.
>Proper nutrition and active lifestyle is necessary for good health and healthy heart.
>one hour morning walk is necessary to maintain healthy heart.
>Be active and do your work on your own.
>Include Olive oil in diet.
>Do not try to sleep immediately after taking meals. Take light lunch.
>Be free form worries and stress. Whatever has to happen will happen.
>Take lemon juice and fruit juice in place of cold drinks.
>Tips to prevent Heart disease.
>Take one spoonful honey after meals to remain free from heart diseases.
>Drinking three cups of of tea daily prevents heart attack.
>Even women suffering from high blood pressure are protected from heart attack by consumption of tea.
>Intake of multivitamin reduces the risk of heart attack.
>Remember problem in lungs and kidneys begin to develop then heart also does not remain healthy. 
>Lungs and kidneys purify the blood.
>Excessive intake of medicines also increases the risk of heart attack.
*once again i would like to say one should always control anger and fear for healthy heart.*
So, these were the tips on how to protect Heart. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments.If you like this article please share. I will come back with new post soon.
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