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Dear Readers, For all of us it is essential, as we keep growing older, a certain period of time to apportion, the special ways of relaxing the eyes for longer periods.

Closing Eyes
Closing Eyes

Palming-Improve sight

By closing the eyes most of the people think, it is much easier to relax and rest as the visual impacts are shut off.  But that is not true mere closing does not keep out all the light which is there in surroundings. After closing eyes also we are able to determine whether we are sitting in dark room or in lighted room.

To get completely relax, all lights must be away from eyes which can be done by palming. Palming helps to shut the light by cupping the palms over the eyes, which is helpful to get rid of pressure on eyeballs.

Woman covering her face with both hands
Woman covering her face with both hands

Cupping Eyes-Bates Techniques

Cup the eyes with the help of palms, adjust the fingers over the nose bridge, bony parts of face, on the eyebrows and on the forehead. Rest the elbows upon a fairly firm cushion on the lap, or on some other support to gain relaxation completely. When the light is completely shut out, we are left with our mental images or thoughts, and an opportunity of value to have relaxation in three powerful ways: mental relaxation, physical relaxation and visual relaxation.

To get total relaxation these three powerful ways are must if any of these relaxation is at fault the total relaxation is not possible. Palming is utmost importance if it is done in proper way. While palming exercise is practicing it is essential that the thoughts should be pleasant that one would left with, and not worried ones.

Everyone does have troublesome thoughts, at any rate it is better to leave them aside for few minutes while practicing palming. If it is difficult to control worrisome thoughts, indulge in some pleasant thoughts of good moments or happy incidents in your life. Like a memorable visit to any place, childhood memories or some events which is exciting etc.

While you let your imagination to roam forget about palming or eyes.  The duration is different for each individual. Fist time like to do it for long periods, while second day feel bored to repeat the same, and would like to do for short stints and intervals frequently.

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    Hi Sazia,
    Thank you for this article. I tried doing it at my desk in front of my computer.
    It works. Completely dark. Every day I will use this technique to take a break and relax.
    Great for someone on the computer alot!

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