Improve Vision With Best Eye Exercises Palming


Dear Readers, While occupying oneself with some pleasant thoughts, ensure that you can recollect something familiar rather than wracking your brains to get some past memories whereby your mind gets strain. Many people says that while palming they can observe the changing range of colors which might be some kind of  supersense of light, but we can consider this as emotional or mental strain, and this the condition of the situation which prevents a person from seeing perfectly black while palming.

Healthy and Beautiful Eyes
Healthy and Beautiful Eyes

Improve Vision with Palming Exercise

Palming longer gives greater relaxation, and the darker the black shade they are able to remember and they can see. If someone likes to see colors while palming and for such an exercise, take few color balls which is equal in size, one for each color of the spectrum, against a background which is black in color.

Picture each ball by following spectrum order like yellow, green, orange, red, violet, blue, indigo one at a time, by giving a clear impression of each color to the mind, and you will find a background with black color standing out vividly against the ball which is different in color. By this we can consider as the palming is successful and this is the best relaxation method. Perfect palming is helpful to retain all the relaxation even after your open your eyes and you do not lose it again.

Rose Cover Table
Rose Cover Table

Exercise to get Total Relaxation

To achieve total relaxation there is another exercise which is as follows:

Take table cloth of your favourite color and cover on the table. Take a glance at it, and start palming your eyes. At the color take occasional glances until you get the clear picture of it. Palm one eye, and keep the other eye shut, around the table roll a small ball with your free hand, by following the ball movements in your mind.

Instead of ball you can use any other objects with different coloured background. This exercise is helpful to directing the thoughts upon forms, abstract ideas and also useful shifting the point of focus practice continuously.

Eye Palming Exercise with Alphabets
Eye Palming Exercise with Alphabets

Eye Palming Exercise with Alphabets

Picture one straight lined letters E on a chart. Visualise each corner of the letter before palming, observe each corner clearly and count then as you proceed. Before opening your eyes, mentally observe all the corners of the letter for few seconds. Then blink rapidly for a few times at the letter on the chart, again close your eyes quickly and follow this process with other letters also.

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    I’m sure if I had a go at this it would become much clearer, it sounds so complicated when it’s written down. I love your eye and vision exercises, they are really interesting!

    Enjoy the journey!

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