Improve Vision and Make it Strong by Following Vision Exercises


Dear ReadersDefective vision is common problem nowadays.The main reasons for eye defects are reading in bad light or excessively brighter light.Reading in Buses ,moving trains or cars, watching too much television,seeing too many films, and eating artificial food.



Defective Vision Causes 

The three main causes of defective vision are mental strain, wrong diet, and improper blood and nerve supply.
The following exercises will loosen the strained and contracted muscles surrounding the eyes.
1st Vision Exercise

To Exercise the the muscles that move the eyes and and to develop eye-hand co-ordination.
Sit straight on a chair.extend your hand at arms length directly infront of your nose.Make a fist, excluding your thumb.Point your thumb upward so that you can view its nail.  
Steadily looking at the thumbnail, move your hand  (in as big arcs as possible) in the following directions.

Eye Exercises Directions
Eye Exercises Directions

Move your hand ten times in either direction.The movement should be smooth.don’t move your body or head.

Vision Exercise Benefits

1.The muscles that move the eyes become more flexible and strong.
2.Any eye-strain arising out of an imbalance of these muscles is relieved, since the eyes slowly learn to work in a more co-ordinated manner.
3.Stiffness of the eye-muscles , arising due to prolonged periods of task requiring concentration (eg: typing, proof-reading etc) is relieved.

4.Eye to hand co-ordination improves.

5.Eye sight improves and it becomes strong.

2nd Vision Exercise associated with breathing

This exercise is the simplest of various visualization exercises. It can be done at any time, anywhere.It is extremely soothing and relaxes the body and the mind.The eyes too, get relaxed and eye-strain is relieved.
To visualize the movements of lungs, the chest and abdomen during respiration.

Lie down on the floor or sit in a comfortable arm-chair, in a quite room.Keep your eyes closed.Let all your muscles go limp and slack. Focus your attention on the process and rhythm of your breathing.lungs are like balloons.

Imagine lungs expanding as they get filled with air when you breath in.To accommodate this expansion the chest and the abdomen also expand. visualize this movements mentally.While breathing out, imagine the chest in the abdomen contracting and the lungs deflating.
Continue this exercise for for two to three minutes.
All the muscles of the body including those of the eyes get relaxed.Relaxation is the key to unstrained and efficient vision.

Diet to Improve Vision
Natural uncooked foods are the best diet.These include fresh fruits such as oranges, apples, Grapes,Peaches, Plums, cherries, Green vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, Spinach, Turnip, Root vegetables like potatoes turnips, Carrots, Onions and beetroots, Nuts, Dried fruits and dairy products.

Cereals also necessary ,but they should only be consumed sparingly, genuine wholemeal bread is a best and most suitable.Nuts ,Cakes, Pastries, White sugar,White bread, confectionery , tea , coffee, etc. Together with meat, Fish, or Eggs, soon play havoc with the digestion and the body.

The value of Vitamin A for improving vision must be stressed.The intake of sufficient quantities of this vitamin is essential as a safeguard against or treatment of defective vision or eye disease of any kind.

The best source of this vitamin are Cod liver oil, raw spinach, Turnip tops, cream,cheese, butter, egg yolk, tomatoes,lettuce,carrot, cabbage, soya beans, Green peas, wheat germ, fresh milk, oranges and dates.

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