Indian Gooseberry Health Benefits


Dear Readers, Today the topic is Indian Gooseberry Health Benefits and some Home Remedies for Strong Hair, Soft Hair, Premature greying, Clear the Voice, Nose Bleeding, Pitta, Jaundice and Liver Weakness, Semen Problem, Piles, White Discharge, Eye problem and Youth look etc. Since man was born Indian gooseberry (Amla) offering a define contribution to health. Mostly this fruit is available in winter. As a source of medicinal properties no other fruit can stand in comparison with amla. Amla completely rejuvenate our body and cures number of diseases have a look.

Indian Gooseberry Health Benefits
Indian Gooseberry Health Benefits

Medicinal qualties in gooseberry

Amla color is pale green. A ripe gooseberry helps to cure urination problem, blood impurities, discharge of vital humours, dysetery, dyspepsia, burning sensation, acidity, jaundice, pitta, anemia, piles, vata, constipation loss of appetite,kapha, indigestion, windiness, bile, cough and respiratory problem.

Eyes sight improves. Increases longivity and strengthens the semen and resolves sterility problem. Gooseberry strethens the heart and cures nerves weakness problem. It also useful for eye weakness and deafness. Amla is hot, sweet, pungent, and bitter in taste. It helps to increase sperm. Amla fruit is 20 times better than orange in terms of vitamin C.

Gooseberry contains albumin, sugar, tannic acid, gallic acid, cellulose, calcium, protein, water, fat, phosphorous and iron. Excellent qualities in amla isnt it? Health is in natural things, have proper diet to avoid diseases. Gooseberry increases resistance power against diseases.

Use of Gooseberry (amla)

Juice is more beneficial than eating its marmalad or any other form of it. Cut amla into pieces after disacarding seed from fruit. Amla juice can be obtain after shredding it and squeezing the pulp through a clean cloth. It can also obtain by pounding in stone basin or grinding in juicer.

Amla juice take on empty stomach as it bestows many benefits. One cannot eat amla in sufficient quantity due to its acrid taste. To meet the necessary requirement amla juice is preferable. Amla juice cleanses the mouth and restores taste. Honey or jaggery can be added to amla juice to make it palatable.

Gooseberry Home Remedies

Strong Hair: Mango seed kernel and amla grind together and apply on hair to make hair strong.

Soft hair: Make quath with ritha, shikakai and amla apply on hair massage genly ans wash off to make hair thick, soft and long. Amla hair oil is also beneficial.

Premature greying: Take 10 gm baheda, 25gm dry amla, 40gm mango seed kernel,  8gm iron powder. Soak in pan overnight. To make the hair black apply on hair regularly and washoff after 1 hour.

Clear the Voice: Take turmeric, ajmod, chitrak, amla and yavakshar in equal quantity. Mix 2 gm mixture with 2 spoon honey and one gram ghee and take every day to clear the voice.

Nose bleeding: Grind amla, black plum and mango with fermented water and apply on all over forehead as it controls nose bleeding.

Pitta: soak amla overnight and grind with cow milk and take every day with cow milk to control pitta.

Jaundice and liver weakness: 30 gm amla juice with 1 spoon honey and 15 gm white sandal powder to cure vomiting problem. Make amla chutney with honey and eat twice daily to get rid of liver weakness and jaundice.

Semen problem: Make dry amla powder and take 10 grm with by mixing with sugar candy for 15 days. Take 2 glass of water after taking this mixture. It is useful remedy for night pollution, semen problem and other diseases.

Piles:   Grind amla mix with buttermilk and take daily to get rid of piles.

White discharge: Grind 20 gm amla and mix with 2 spoon honey and powdered sugar candy. Drink regularlu to control white discharge.

Eye problems: Take amla juice, honey and ghee equal quantity. Mix with cow milk and take daily to overcome eye problems, blood impurities and eye lid disease.

Youth look: Gooseberry (Amla) powder mix with ghee, honey or water and take daily at night to strengthen the sensory organs and increase degistive fire and bring back youth look. Wow isn’t it awesome remedies.

Gooseberry powder take with water daily to get rid of problems like liver enlargement, cpnstipation, headache, piles and indigestion.

Note: If any serious health problem please consult to your doctor immediately. The above tips should be followed Under the guidance of your health-care practitioner.

So, these were the tips on Indian Gooseberry Health Benefits. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments. If you like this article please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for Health, Recipes and Herbal Beauty tips soon.

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