Is Sugar Harmful for Vision Health?


Dear Readers, Western diet includes sugar at the top of the list. Recently sugar has been blamed for different diseases dandruff to diabetes. Diabetes is closely related with cataract if proper care is not taken. While we eat refined sugar it uses up minerals and vitamins in huge quantity inside the body particularly it uses sodium, calcium and phosphorus. For good eyes health these minerals and vitamins are necessary.

Beautiful eyes
Beautiful eyes

Japanese researcher Dr Jin Otsuka, while denouncing sugar says that if rabbit eat sugar it will become myopic. Taking more sugar leads to myopia. He relates the incidents of myopia rise and fall with the various refined foods rise and fall specially sugar.

Vitamins and Minerals for Vision

Minerals and vitamins are important for good eyes and for best vision. All minerals and vitamins has its importance individually. It works better in combination with other vitamins.

When we take high quantity of refined sugar it makes their job difficult. While refined sugar is being processed in the body it burns up minerals and vitamins. It does not mean that intake of more nutrition will enable you to get rid of your glasses. But it can be extremely beneficial in warding off and in few cases actually has the power of healing eye ailments.

We know that many people will not be convinced about the vitamins and minerals significance. The person who live in a smog saturated city , work under lights which are bright or watch television continuously. They need to take more care of their eyes and need to give rest to eyes after every 2 hours.

Is Sugar Harmful for Visionl
Is Sugar Harmful for Vision

Eyes and Body Health

If one want to improve the health of his eyes and his body in particular, he must analyse his diet and ensure that he takes adequate supply of all the nutrients which is necessary for eyes and body health.

After reading or writing for long time splash cold water on eyes for 5 minutes to make it cool and healthy. Do eye exercises regularly to make the eyes and vision strong to prevent eye problems. To know about eye exercises read this article. Vision Correction Exercises-Swaying

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  1. says

    Indeed, I do think sugar is harmful for your eyes and overall well being. It is a nasty drug (as I call it) and not many people talk about it.

    When it comes to my eyes, I am taking you up on that resting them for two minutes. I’m on the computer for such a long time, I will be splashing some water on my eyes when I take little breaks.

    Thanks so much for the tips.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Piggy Back BloggingMy Profile

  2. Bharat Sharma says

    Hi Sazia,

    Sugar is like a sweet poison and we should consume it care. Not only it is the major cause of diabetes but also other complications involved with diabetes. Diabetes is nothing worse than cancer and once you have diabeties, you are already on high risk of many other health problems.

    So, the best way to deal with situation is to minimize sugar consumption.

  3. Mohd Khairul Amin Kamarudin says

    Hi Sazia
    Indeed. Detoxification of sugar will also consume vitamins from our body. Refined sugar had too least benefit.

  4. says

    Thank you for the information on sugar. Practically everything we eat in the western world is saturated with sugar. A habit hard to cut. For me everything to a limit. I use it mainly for baking half the recommended content most of the time.

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