Mutton-Chicken Curry and Haleem Recipes


Dear Readers, Today we will learn how to make mutton and chicken curry and Haleem. Do u like mutton or chicken?? Both can be made using same method. It is one of the simple recipes and liked by so many people. It is health friendly for children and all age healthy people.

Chicken or mutton Haleem

Ingredients for Haleem

Wheat                                         200gm
Boneless mutton                         250gm
Onion                                          100gm
Green chillies                              15gm
Tomatoes                                    50gm
Cloves  powder                           5piece (powder)
Cardamom                                  5piece (powder)
Ginger paste                                half tsp
Garlic                                           half tsp
Pepper powder                            half tsp
Turmeric powder                         half tsp
Limes                                          2 small size
Coriander leaves                        1 bunch
Cashew nut powder                    25gm
Coconut                                      1small
Oil                                               50gm
Ghee                                           25gm
Salt                                             for taste

Method of cooking Mutton or Chicken Haleem

Wash wheat and Soak in water for 2 hours.Grind it well till soft.Cut mutton and wash three times.Grate coconut and grind it.Make thick Extractions of coconut milk keep aside.
Cook mutton with salt and turmeric powder till tender and make it paste by cooking on low heat.keep aside.Cut green chilies and tomatoes into small pieces.
Heat oil and fry chopped onion, green chilies till light brown.Add tomatoes and fry well till tomatoes get mash.Add all other ingredients and fry well.Add mutton and cook on low fire.
Add ground wheat,coconut milk and salt and ghee.cook till it leave the sides.Finally add lime juice and coriander leaves. Delicious Haleem ready to eat.Serve hot with chapati.

Chicken Haleem: same ingredients and same method in place of boneless mutton add boneless chicken.
Mutton and chicken curry
Ingredients for curry
Mutton                                      500gm
Potatoes                                   200gm
Onion                                       100gm
Tomatoes                                 50gm
Green chilies                            3piece
Red chili                                   10gm
Ginger paste                             10gm
Garlic paste                              10gm
Coriander  powder                    10gm             
Coconut                                    1small
Cashew nut powder                  25gm
Turmeric powder                       half tsp
Cloves                                       5piece
Cardamom                               3piece
Curry leaves                            1spring
Coriander leaves                     1spring
Oil                                            50gm
Salt                                          for taste

Method of cooking chicken or mutton curry

1.Grate coconut and grind it.Make 2 Extractions of coconut milk keep aside.Cut mutton into small pieces and wash 3 times with fresh water.
Peel and cut potatoes.cut tomatoes into small pieces.slit green chilies.clean and cut coriander and curry leaves.Red chilies roast and make chili powder.
Heat oil in a pan.add cloves and cardamom.then add onions and green chilies and fry till light brown.Add tomatoes and fry well.Add ginger garlic paste and fry for some time.Now add all other ingredients,spices, turmeric powder, cashew nut powder and fry it lightly.Gravy is ready.
Now add mutton, mix coconut milk and cook gently on medium heat.Add potatoes and continue on simmer.Add salt and coriander leaves ,curry leaves and add mutton masala powder 1 spoon if require.Bring to boil and remove. Mutton dish is ready to eat.Serve hot with rice or ghee rice.
Chicken curry :same ingredients and same method in place of mutton add chicken.
So, these were the two recipes of Chicken and Mutton curry and Haleem. What are your views on the topic? Do let me know in the comments.If you like these dishes please share and rate it. I will come back with new posts for health and herbal beauty tips soon.
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