Nail Treatment-Manicure for Men and Women


Dear Readers, Nails are made of carotene which is the substance of protein. In the entire hard vein it is exist. Health, nutrition and disease effect the nails growth. Nails always grow upward and forward. In summer season nail grows faster. Nails do not get shed automatically at certain intervals just like hair we need to take care of it. Nails treatment is equally important as we treat hair these days to maintain good health. Manicure steps are as follows.

Beautiful Hands and Nails
Beautiful Hands and Nails


In Latin words ‘Mani’ means ‘hand’ and another half word ‘cure’ means ‘treatment’. Manicure makes the hands soft and it looks good. Manicure cure massage makes the wrist flexible and smooth and prevents wrinkles. It boosts up the hands and fingers blood circulation. Manicure is helpful to bring relief in cold, Sinus, cough and arthritis. It also helps to get relief in tension and worry.

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Manicure Kit

  • Nail-cutter
  • Nail-filter
  • Dust remover
  • Underneath remover
  • Pusher, Cuticle remover
  • Sharp dust remover
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cuticle knife
  • Scrub, Shampoo
  • Cotton
  • Lukewarm water
  • Body lotion or Massage cream
  • Honey, Lemon, Salt
  • Soft hand-brush
  • Finger-bowl
  • Napkin
  • Cotton gloves
  • Manicure mask
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Cling film paper
Manicure Massage Steps
Manicure Massage Steps

Manicure Massage Steps

  • On both the hands massage in upward movements by using general strokes.
  • On both the hands do the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage gently.
  • On the fingers do the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage.
  • Now do the pinching massage gently without hurting the skin.
  • From the middle of the palms of both the hands towards fingers massage with the help of thumb.
  • Rub continuously for 10 minutes by using all strokes.
  • One by one lightly pull the fingers.
  • Massage in the palms of both the hands with the help of folded palms.
  • On the wrists do the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage.
  • Do the tapping and vibration massage gently.
  • Fold the palms in bangle shape and massage continuously for 10 minutes.
  • On the elbow do the clockwise and anti-clockwise massage.
  • On all the nails do clockwise and anti-clockwise massage.
Manicure Method
Manicure Method

Manicure Method

1.Check the nails size and cut the nails, remove nail-polish before manicure if require.

2.File both hands nails and buffer them.

3.Take manicure shampoo, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice and honey 5 drops each mix in lukewarm water. Keep both the hands in it for 15/20 minutes.

4.After 15 minutes lightly do the scrub massage and wash the hands in same water.

5.Wipe out both the hands with napkin and apply cleansing cream on all the nails.

6.With the help of cuticle pusher push back the cuticles. Then from the sides clean the cuticles carefully.

7.With the help of underneath remover clean the nails. From the sides clean the nails with the help of dust remover.

8.Take AHA skin lightening manicure mask and apply on both the hands. Wrap both the hands tightly and carefully with cling film paper and put on gloves of cotton wool over it.

9.Leave on for 12 minutes then remove both gloves and the paper. Then massage for 10 minutes and wash off hands with cold water. This process helps to remove dead skin.

10.Apply lotion or massage cream on both hands and massage by using all steps given above in manicure massage steps. Massage for 12 minutes wipe out the cream and clean the nails with the help of cotton then apply base coat nail-polish on all the nails.

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